SO WHO WON?  I think a lot of the candidates did a good job differentiating themselves from one another.  They all seemed to be willing to broach a different approach when it comes to fighting terrorism, which I found refreshing.  There were a whole lot of really substantial ideas from a lot of different viewpoints.  I don't know how or why anyone could say the GOP is the party of old white men of no new ideas.  I really truly don't know who I would vote for if the election were today.  But I am more and more comfortable with these candidates.  But I still don't understand how Donald Trump fans don't realize that the stuff he says isn't really possible under the Constitution.  Paul had his best night yet.  And he needed it.  


I GOT A CAMERA SPEEDING TICKET And I'd love to know if there is any way to fight this.  


HOLY WINTER STORM! Lots of snow all over the place.  Check the totals here.


SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING...AND THEN? Even our President has urged citizens to be vigilant and if they see something that look suspicious, they should notify law enforcement.  Well a couple at Park Meadows mall did just that.  But then what happens?  Police say, well they were taking pictures of elevators, but there is nothing we can do to stop that.  So what do you do here?  


28 YEARS BEHIND BARS For a crime he did not commit.  I think our justice system is probably the best in the world.  However it is NOT perfect.  And it should not take 20 years for a man to prove his innocence because the prosecution simply won't admit their flimsy case needed to be re evaluated.  


SHOULD A MISDEMEANOR PUT YOUR DNA IN THE DATABASE? DA Mitch Morrisey is asking for an expansion of Katie's Law, which collects DNA of people convicted of a felony.  He wants anyone convicted of a misdemeanor to have their DNA collected too.  I don't think this is a good idea.  You? 





KERRY BLINKS ON SYRIA And has now agreed that Assad can stay in power in Syria.  This is what happens when you have a President who draws red lines with his rhetoric and no way to back this up.  


HAS HE EVER DEALT WITH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE? The CEO of Comcast is completely tone deaf and proved it in this interview.  He thinks people hate Comcast because they charge for their services, but the real reason is they charge and give crappy service.  There is a difference.