SHOULD COLLECTIVE BARGAINING BE DONE IN PUBLIC? At least when it comes to public workers negotiating for our tax dollars?  One initiative is aiming to do just that by requiring every school district to negotiate contracts in the sunshine.  I'll chat with Jon Caldara from the Independence Institute about just that.

DEAR BOULDER, DON'T BE SO STUPID PLEASE So Boulder is considering a "sustainability tax" that would fund things like composting programs, recycling, organic food production and other such nonsense.  During some recent polling, some idiots thought it would be a super idea to raise the millage rate on property tax to pay for this.  I just want to ask Boulderites if facing a lien on their home is worth supporting organic farming.  I'll explain.

SHOULD WHITES STOP TRYING TO "FIX" BLACK PEOPLE? The answer is yes according to this column by Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member Jason Riley, who is black.  I'll share some of this today because it's very interesting.  Of course it's racist, because Jason Riley is obviously some kind of Uncle Tom or something.  

THE SOFT BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONS Is it racist to think that young black men simply aren't reaching their potential?  Is it racist to assert they shouldn't be responsible for not reaching their potential?  This column certainly wants to maintain that young black men should not be held responsible for bad decision making.  It's not their fault and government should fix it.  Because that meme has worked so well for 50 years.  See the above column. 

BEST CAMPAIGN AD EVER.  A young man in Alabama is running for the State House and he is challenging all kinds of preconceived notions about who he is as a Republican.  I. Love. This. Ad. 

RUNNING SCARED AFTER WINNING BIG The oil and gas industry won big in Loveland when the fracking ban was voted down, but don't ask the anti fracktivists what happened.  In an unintentionally hilarious news story, they are trying really hard to turn those frowns upside down and come off as ridiculous in the process.  Read this quote: 

“The oil and gas industry is running scared after nearly suffering a devastating loss on Tuesday,” Passanante said. “We are proud of the broad-based, bipartisan coalition of support that has come together to fight for clean air, pure water and a safe environment to raise our kids here in Colorado.”

That's right, they big victory has oil and gas "running scared".  I want to smoke what this guy is smoking.  For real.  

NOT FOR NOTHING, BUT I SAID THIS And I wasn't alone.  Lots of conservatives made this point about Obamacare and the pressure it was going to put on primary care physicians.  See, there aren't enough doctors for everyone to have one.  That sounds horrible, but there simply aren't.  And according to this study, it's only going to get worse.  If you don't have a primary care doc, you may want to find one now before they all hit capacity.  Of course when I pointed this out years ago, it was because I was racist.  Or something.

WELL HERE'S AN UPSIDE TO LEGAL POT Speaking of things I've been saying for years, here's one.  Mexican drug cartels are hurting because of legal pot.  As in legal pot is putting some cartels out of business.  My heart bleeds for them.  

THIS IS SO BAD I CAN'T EVEN MAKE FUN OF IT Watch what happens when Obama tries to show sympathy.  It's tragically, tragically pathetic.