WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT? The Udall-Gardner race only promises to get nastier as Democrats are desperate to keep the Senate.  Udall keeps running ads on abortion, and Gardner is running ads targeting Obamacare.  What is YOUR issue?  What would you like them to discuss?  Check out the ads: 


I KNOW POLITICS IS DIRTY BUSINESS But have you read this story on how Tom Steyer, the environmental svengali who is now trying to buy help Mark Udall?  It seems he has a long history of backing the right politicians who then in turn help him and his hedge fund make a crap load of money.  Politicians like Nancy Pelosi, which I'm sure shocks you.  I'm sure.

HICK JUST CAN'T MAKE UP HIS MIND Because he keeps changing his story.  Whether it's the interview with the sheriff's where he backtracked on the usefulness of the new gun regs, and now on what the end game of the fracking commission really is, I'm not sure you can believe anything Hick says.  It kind of reminds me of this story about my old pal Charlie Crist. 

PEOPLE ARE AVOIDING THE HIGH POT TAXES (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) There was an expectation that many people who were using medicinal marijuana would give up their red cards and pay the exorbitant new taxes on recreational weed.  Think about that sentence.  Only someone in government would think that, but they do.  From a Denver Post article:

A market study for the Colorado Department of Revenue says the lower-taxed medical-marijuana market, which continues to outpace the recreational market in sales, is to blame.

Rather than pulling consumers out of the medical-marijuana market, the recreational market largely has feasted on tourists and people who previously bought pot on the black market.

"I think our original assumption about the cannibalization was wrong," Colorado Legislative Council economist Larson Silbaugh said at Tuesday's committee meeting.

The result, suggested David Blake of the Colorado attorney general's office, is that the resilience of the medical-marijuana market "is being driven by avoidance of that tax."

Tax avoidance is as old as taxes. Why government didn't think people would stop paying a nominal upfront fee to save half on their weed is beyond me. 

WHO IS MORE "MAINSTREAM"?  See my earlier comments on Udall-Gardner and then check this out

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT I had this the other day and didn't get to it.  What would you do if a mother changed a poopie diaper at the table next to you in a restaurant?  I'm with the restaurant on this one.

WELL THIS IS DEPRESSING Read this study before you take the time to call your Congressman next time. 

THIS HEADLINE JUST MADE ME LAUGH The gay mafia strikes again.

THE REAL QUESTION IS...WHAT SHOULDN'T BE FREE? A writer in the UK makes the case for free tampons for women.  I can't make this up. 

THE ART OF THE SEGUE is lost on Maureen Dowd.  It will be fun to watch her head explode during the Democratic primary.  But this column which lurches from Robin Williams (it feels like a token mention because, you know, he died and stuff) to ripping Hillary Clinton is a disaster.  She's just not a good writer.