IS THE STATE LOOKING TO GOUGE DEAD PEOPLE? Yesterday I talked about how much the Medicaid expansion is going to cost Colorado in the long run after the huge numbers that have been added.  I got this email from a listener:

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One subject that nearly never comes up is the “other end” of the Medicaid chain.  And to put it into perspective, last fall my daughter checked into Obamacare/state version for her family’s medical insurance.  The site enrolled 2 of the three - shifting the 17 yr old daughter to Medicaid.  That is important.  Of course, those sites do their own thing, and there seemed to be no way to get her onto the family plan, even tho she is under 26. My daughter backed out and found something else.

Now, in one of my other lives, I am a financial planner.  About that time, I found out that Medicaid, as a state-run program...well, the state has the right to recoup what they spend on  you.  Hang with me here.


 You have a 5 yr old.  You and Chuck are allowed to buy the PC plan, but Q is shifted to Medicaid.  She gets services from Medicaid for the next 20 years or so.  And moves to Kansas or somewhere else to live her life.  She becomes a wildly successful talk show hostess and dies at 99 with a net worth of a couple mil.   CO has been watching that SSN all this time, and calculates what they paid out in benefits over that 20 years, and adds some arbitrary interest rate to that figure over 94 years, and  hits the estate with a bill.  There is now no need to reinstate the exorbitant death tax to her substantial estate because CO just got it in payback.


 Isn’t that a cool sneaky plan?


Yes, it is a cool sneaky plan. A frighteningly cool, sneaky plan.  

BODY CAMERAS ON COPS IS A NO BRAINER We have cameras everywhere.  Go the bank, cameras.  Go to 7-11, cameras.  Go anywhere, cameras.  So why not on cops?  Chief Robert White seems to think it's okay, but if a video of a corrections officer decking a prisoner isn't enough to file charges why would we think a body camera showing the same would be any different?  It all depends on what happens AFTER the video is shot.  

YOUR ADORABLE LITTLE DUMPLING IS EATING TOO MANY DUMPLINGS A new study confirms what any pediatrician knows: we don't know when our kids are fat. Not only that, our misconceptions are getting WORSE as we get fatter.  

FEMINISTS HATE ANT-RAPE NAIL POLISH Of course they do.  Of course.  The reasons are so utterly nonsensical and predictable as to be pedestrian, but in a nutshell they are: women shouldn't be raped or pay for anything that might protect them! Which is preposterous, of course.  Also, the streets should be paved with gumdrops and we should all get Ben and Jerry's for FREE!  God forbid we empower women in a teensy weensy way they might have to shell out some cash for. 

 SO BURGER KING IS MOVING TO CANADA Not all the stores, mind you, just the headquarters as they plan to buy fancy Canadian donut stores Tim Horton's.  And of course, people are losing their minds about this.  Today we shall chat about why they are moving and how much they stand to gain.  And I'm hoping you're going to want to go get a Whopper just to support the notion that corporate taxes in this country need to come down.  Period. Don't expect to hear much from the White House, as Warren Buffet is the guy making it happen and we all know Warren Buffet is the one who gives PrezBO credibility on money issues.  

NEENER NEENER WASHINGTON STATE! We are winning the hearts and minds of pot tourists at a faster rate than Washington state.  Even though I love the Pacific Northwest and have vacationed in Seattle more than once, I would rather come here too.  Obviously. 

AN AMERICAN DEAD IN THE SYRIAN WAR Didn't hear about the death of Douglas Arthur McCain?  It's because he was fighting for ISIS.  Can't say I'm sorry about his eternal dirt nap now.

MAKING UP NUMBERS TO SUPPORT GLOBAL WARMING Remember when the Europeans and NASA were criticized for outright changing global historic temperature readings to shore up the notion that we are WAY hotter than we used to be?  Australia did the exact same thing.  And a scientist called them out on it.  Never let the facts interrupt a good story, right?

THE VICTIM'S FAMILY SPEAKS OUT It was only a matter of time before the family members of the victims of Nathan Dunlap came out to weigh in on the controversy surrounding clemency.  They have, and it's this: Hickenlooper is a coward.