FIRST RULE OF INTERVIEWS: THE MIC IS ALWAYS ON Sec of State John Kerry stepped in it over the weekend.  In a hot mic situation, Sec. Kerry made a snide comment about the Israeli operation into the Gaza Strip.  How this entire exchange is surprising to anyone baffles me.  Just look at John Kerry's history.

THE UN WANTS A CEASEFIRE And I'm sure the people of the Gaza Strip would like one too, but to what end?  There is no indication that Hamas has changed it's mind that Israel shouldn't exist.  There is no indication that Hamas truly wants to live in lasting peace.  I'm sorry people are dying, but they are doing so after being warned by the Israelis to leave and told by Hamas to stay.  The people of Gaza elected Hamas.  Do they really deserve the kind of pity they are getting from crowds of people around the world? 

IS THERE NO DIGNITY LEFT IN NEWS? I already know the answer to that, but this story is really, really bad.  It seems a Sky News reporter at the MH17 crash site was filmed digging through the personal effects and luggage of some of the victims.  This is where we are now, huh? 

PRESIDENT WARREN? The nuts of the Net Roots Nation conference really want Elizabeth Warren to run.  I wonder why they broke up with Hillary?  This song is so bad it's beautiful.

THAT'S BILLION, WITH A B A Florida woman was awarded 23 BILLION dollars in punitive damages for the death of her husband in 1996 from smoking.  Hasn't this ship sailed?  Who hasn't been told since the 1980's that smoking is bad?  

 I'M ALL FOR PEOPLE SPECIALIZING But a restaurant that only serves french fries?  Doesn't this put a lot of pressure on the one item?  What's the weirdest restaurant you've ever seen?  

WELL THIS ISN'T VERY FLATTERING Now the cops are after UberX drivers?  This blog posting tells a weird and strange tale that needs to be looked into.  Are cops out there enforcing laws that don't exist?  

THIS IS A SUPER COLUMN ON HAPPINESS You have to wonder just how much happiness is experienced by people in war zones.  But you have a wonderful opportunity to focus on being happy.  You just need to be careful what you long for. 

A PILL THAT PREVENTS AIDS? There is a new drug hitting the market called Truvada that can prevent the establishment of HIV in a high risk person.  Although I'm happy that we can do something to prevent AIDS, shouldn't we be trying to change the behavior that puts you in a high risk category? 

HOW FAIRNESS HURTS THE POOR In an effort to make some of New York City's most elite high schools more "fair", young Asians who work their butts off to get into those schools are going to miss out to make room for people of other ethnicities who aren't doing the work.  But it will be fair.