LOUISIANA STATE SENATOR ELBERT GUILLORY JOINS ME AT 7:05 He is a former Republican turned Democrat turned Republican again, and made a powerful video about why he became a Republican again.  Watch it here.  Get more information on the Day of Freedom here!

DENNIS PRAGER IS SUPER SMART And he made a video explaining the Israel-Everyone Else in the Middle East conflict.  Watch it. 

ARE YOU A ROTTEN CUSTOMER? This article is not what you might think.  When I read it, I saw myself in it, and have vowed change.  What is the article about?  How we behave, or misbehave in restaurants these days.  

NO CUTSIES, NO BUTSIES Libs love Obama, but even in the liberal bastion of Austin, Texas they have their limits.  It seems the POTUS went to a barbecue joint as famous for it's long lines as they are for their food...and cut in line.  The owner says he was the first EVER to cut in line.  Of course he was.  Of course.  

YOU CAN HAVE YOUR FAITH OR YOUR BUSINESS This according to Chuck Schumer, who seems to have completely missed the whole religious freedoms embedded in our founding.  I'm going to sue his favorite Jewish deli for not selling pork.  

EXPLODING THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT That's what John Hickenlooper has done on his watch.  Colorado Peak Politics breaks it down.  

DICK MONFORT IS BACKPEDALING Because he not only sent one snide email, he sent several.  The Denver Post does a very good job explaining why Mr. Monfort needs to do more to apologize.

THE MAKETA RECALL FAILED TO MAKE THE CUT But that doesn't mean Sheriff Terry Maketa shouldn't resign from his post in El Paso County.  He should go.  Now.  Read the story here. 

JUST TO REMIND OUR FRIENDS ON THE LEFT OF how outraged they were at GWBush's response to Katrina, here is a nifty article with the actual facts on what really happened.  I do this to compare it to PrezBO's response to the border crisis happening now.  One more point of order: the border crisis can be traced to PrezBO's actions and words about young DREAMers.  Bush didn't make a hurricane.  Now who is the heartless, incompetent bastard?  Where is Kanye West asserting that PrezBO hates brown people?  

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY PEOPLE OF FAITH ARE LEERY OF GAY MARRIAGE? This story is a perfect example.  A young woman who signed a lifestyle pledge to attend a Pentecostal university is now all frosty because they kicked her out because she violated the pledge by marrying another woman.  Does anyone else see a problem here?  I feel a lawsuit coming.