OWEN HILL HAS BOWED OUT OF THE SENATE RACE And did so in classy fashion.  My guess is that Rep. Cory Gardner has siphoned off all the fundraising and it became apparent to Sen. Hill that this was not his year.  This pretty much clears the way for Gardner to run only against Mark Udall.  Which should be fun, don't you think?

WHY ARE THE KOCH BROTHERS THE BIGGEST PART OF THIS STORY? I think it's good that people are beginning to pay attention to WHO is funding what when it comes to elections.  However, it seems that the news media LOVES to tell people when the Koch brothers are involved, but not so much when some other group is involved.  Let's keep an eye on this together, okay? 

BECAUSE OUR VOTERS CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO TURN OUT Democrats are trying to change some details about the recall election process.  Can't win an election?  Just change the rules!  I especially love this part:

Democrats have widely said that if mail-in ballots were used in the recalls of Morse and Giron, both state lawmakers would have likely come out victorious.

 Why is this, exactly?  Because their voters can't be bothered to actually turn up at a polling place?  Or perhaps because it's easier to cheat when you can go scoop up ballots at a random apartment complex in the district? But of course that will never happen because people are all inherently trustworthy and always do the right thing.  Right?

 CRONY CAPITALISM AT IT'S FINEST Going to the Emergency room is a pain.  It takes forever, you're going to end up owing someone a crapload of money, and you may or may not need emergency service.  But if you could get faster service at a privately run emergency room, shouldn't you have the option?  Of course you should, but Senator Irene "I know what's best for you!" Aguilar, who also is a physician, says that you shouldn't because....HOSPITALS! Meaning hospitals should be allowed to gouge you for a bee sting while private companies should not.  The logic really is amazing, but at least you know when you go to the ER, you're not just paying for the visit, you're paying for all the stuff they COULD have done but didn't need to.  Don't you feel better now?

 BECAUSE THIS CAN ONLY END WELL Where do people come up with this stuff?  Releasing an endangered species back into the wild to kill prairie dogs?  Why not get some mongoose instead?  Honey badgers?  Why not put a bounty on prairie dog pelts?  Why not just love the adorable little buggers and call it a day?

 THEY LAUGHED AT US.  LAUGHED.  FACE, PALM. President Obama rolled out the super duper, extra strict, triple dirty dog dare sanctions.  We banned a whopping 14 people from travelling or something.  The response?  Laughter.  The Russian Deputy Prime Minister laughed and asked if a "prankster" had come up with the list.  I'm asking myself the same thing.

 WHY NOT GIVE UP CONTROL THE INTERNET, I'M SURE IT WILL FINE Just as Russia is embarrassing POTUS daily, there is some real concern that another Obama Administration move to give up our control of the internet will lead to censorship by nations like Russia and China.  But I'm sure China and Russia will respect our 1st amendment.  Especially Russia which is very unhappy with the media coverage of the Olympics in Sochi.  And China LOVES free speech!  LOVES it! 

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE US OF A? This is a great column about what ails us as of late, and I think it's pretty darn smart.  Read it, we shall discuss

HOPE YOU DON'T WANT TO FLY TO VENEZUELA ANYTIME SOON Remember what I said about Venezuela and how it's currency is largely worthless which is why Venezuelans are increasingly isolated from the rest of the world.  And it's getting harder to fly because the Venezuelan government is seriously in arrears with many airlines who expect to be paid for tickets purchased in bolivars and then converted to dollars.  Except they aren't being paid.  How surprising.