THE HIGH LIFE JUST MIGHT KEEP PEOPLE SKINNY Could the thin mountain air help stave off obesity?  One new study seems to indicate just that.  How?  Higher altitudes seem to suppress the hormones that stimulate your appetite.  As one who has spent too much time at sea level, I may have moved here just in time.  

THEY CAN'T EVEN FIGURE OUT THEIR OWN REGULATIONS! In part 4 of his outstanding series about government officials doing business on personal emails, Michael Sandoval exposes just how ridiculous accessing our energy resources has become.  You should read this one first, and then go back and read the rest.  It's a hot mess.  Michael joins me at 8:05 to discuss the entire series.

SO WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THIS? What do we do about grandparents of a 4th grader(!) who didn't secure their pot, which then lead to the 4th grader taking said pot to school and selling it to other ELEMENTARY age students? This is the new reality.  

I GUESS HE ONLY CARES ABOUT ENDANGERED SPECIES THAT CAN STOP A PIPELINE President Obama is in Japan and had a super fancy dinner last night at a super fancy sushi restaurant (color me jealous!).  And he MAY have dined on the endangered bluefin tuna.  At least that is one of the chef's specialties.  

FROM YESTERDAY BUT STILL FRESH SHOULD WE HAVE TO FOOT THE BILL FOR POT ENFORCEMENT ELSEWHERE? Nebraska isn't too happy with Colorado right now as they deal with an increase (can anyone find the numbers on that?) in pot traffic through Nebraska.  This is an interesting problem that we need to pay attention to, as this is the sort of thing that gives the feds a reason to get involved.   

SITTING IS THE NEW SERIAL KILLER We all know we need to get more exercise, right?  But did you know sitting...duh-duh-DUH...will kill you?  And one doctor says that even if you go to the gym EVERY day, it won't be enough to not die from the sitting.  

OMG CAN WE JUST LEAVE ONE THING ALONE? The Q loves the movie Frozen.  She goes to the playground and sings "Let it Go" at the TOP of her lungs every day.  It's a great movie with a great score and even though I've seen it well into the double digits, I don't hate it yet.  So OF COURSE it's been made into some kind of culture war tool.  The gay community says it's a metaphor for being gay, which just goes to show how little gay people understand that even straight people feel out of place and odd too.  Why does everything have to a be THING?? Why can't it just be a great movie that you can take whatever you want away from?  I'm sick of the gay mafia right now.  Dear gay people, it's not ALL about YOU.  

SO WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT? New polling data shows a healthy dislike for the gun laws passed by Colorado Democrats last year.  It also shows that 44% of Republicans approve of the Legislature while 56% of Democrats also approve.  Who are these 44% of Republicans?  I want to talk to you.  

THIS STORY IS JUST WRONG.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  A soldier serving in Afghanistan is facing a new battle over his home in New Port Richey, Florida.  It seems that two criminals have been squatting in his home while he's away, and now they won't leave.  I'll explain the details of why this situation is even allowed to happen, but maybe the BLM can send some armed guards down to Florida to evict these scumbags.  

HOME PRICES ARE FLYING UP IN THE METRO After years of trouble, home prices are doing just fine, with the Metro area seeing record highs for several neighborhoods.  This as the rental market here is TIGHT.  But never fear, lots of homes are popping long as you don't want to buy IN Denver, you may be able to find something you like!