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YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW, PART 1 Jared Polis caught holy hell last night at a town hall meeting.  The fracktivists were all kinds of peeved that Polis "sold them out".  To Polis' credit, he stood right up in the face of all kinds of vitriol.  That being said, he is the one who laid the groundwork to support this kind of discontent, and now he gets to reap the rewards of that discontent.  So goes politics.  I still think it's kind of funny though. 

YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW, PART 2 On a national scale, we have another example of sowing the seeds of discontent.  The latest polling data from the WSJ/NBC News poll shows that people are not happy with the direction of the country.  Only 21% of Americans think their children will have it better than they have it.  With the economy on the upswing, why is this?  Because people don't feel it yet.  Because it isn't real.  Take out QE and is the market really rebounding?  Incomes are still down from when Obama took office, gas is up, food is up and people think both parties suck.  Hardly the good times.  

YOUR OBAMACARE INSURANCE SUCKS And now doctor's are refusing to see any new patients with Obamacare.  Why?  Because the reimbursements are the same as Medicare, which is too low for doctors to make enough money to keep the lights on with.  This, in my mind, proves what I've been saying since 2008 (and I'm hardly the only one) that Medicare creates a cost shifting that distorts the market for the rest of us.  Being right all the time is such a burden.  And what, exactly, do you think single payer would do? 



HE SAYS HE CAN FIX IT IN TWO YEARS We'll see if the new VA head can live up to the promise of getting long wait times at the VA taken care of in two years.   We'll see.  

WANT AN OLD TOILET? You should have gotten it already because Democrats banned anything but low flow fixtures and it just kicked in.  Do you feel like your life is better because of this and a tax on paint that just went into effect?  Me neither.

WE'VE GOT BARNEY FIFE RUNNING THE JAIL Good grief, it never ends with the Denver PD.  Now the Post has a laundry list of things deputies have been disciplined for and some of them are beyond absurd.  Most of them are beyond incompetence.  Shameful. 

THANKFULLY, SOMEONE AT WALMART IS THE DECIDER A woman in Canada took her photos of her kids to be developed at a local Walmart, only to find out when she went to pick them up that three had been flagged as inappropriate and would not be released to her.  Which ones?  One with her infant daughter with an empty beer bottle and one of her 2 and 5 year old lying on their stomachs before a bath.  SHE MUST BE STOPPED!  

HE DROPPED THE GLOVES...DURING HIS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH Justin Amash survived a bruising primary against a Brian Ellis and took the opportunity to let Ellis know exactly how he feels about the smear campaign that Ellis (with the help of establishment types) ran.  Check it out at about the 3:00 mark.  

I NEVER GET INVITED TO BE IN SUPER SECRET CLUBS Do conservatives have huge private google clubs where they discuss strategy and how to take over the world?  If not, we need to, because liberals sure as hell do

WE HAVE STANDARDS, THEY ARE JUST SUPER LOW President Obama had a big dinner for a bunch of dictators and despots heads of state from Africa.  The Daily Mail shared some super cool info about how awesome some of these cats really are.  And we bought them dinner!  Maybe he invited them to get tips?