DAMN MENTAL ILLNESS  Robin Williams is dead.  Likely of suicide after being a deep depression for some time.  Lots of people are posting on social media that if you are feeling like ending your life to reach out for help.  The dirty truth of mental illness is sometimes you do reach out for help and it isn't enough.  He just got out of rehab as he tried to "regain his life" according to a recent costar.  Depression is an evil beast, and I think it's not hard to remember the manic genius that was Robin Williams and see he was not like the rest of us.  So talented and apparently just as tortured.  I am sorry he's gone, but if this ends his suffering then I have to respect that he made the best decision for himself.  For his family, however, life goes on without him, and their suffering begins.  How tragically sad.  If you are suffering, at least try to think of your family, because I can assure you they care.

THE POLITICAL PART OF MENTAL ILLNESS Here is an article from 1984 from the New York Times about the changes to mental health policy in the United States.  Contrary to what many think, Reagan did NOT just dump the mentally ill into the streets because he was a jerk.  The changes started WELL before his administration, he just gets the blame.  Who is to blame?  Psychiatrists who over promised and under delivered on community based health care.    

 NOW ON TO ST. LOUIS A young black man is dead at the hand's of a St. Louis Police Officer, that much is not in question.  What lead up the shooting is definitely in question.  Also not in question is that hundreds, if not thousands of African-Americans decided to loot and steal and riot in response.  From people who had nothing to do with the shooting.  If this officer shot this boy in cold blood, he should go to jail.  But nothing excuses the behavior of this group of people, some of whom may have decades of grievances under their belt.  Until that fact is recognized and people stop trying to justify this kind of thing, it will difficult to persuade people that this kid may have done nothing wrong and a horrible injustice has been committed.  We shall wait to see the video, and I'm sure we will.  Assuming that showing it won't burn down the entire city of St. Louis. 

TIFS = CRONY CAPITALISM This is a bit of a wonky story about Governor Hickenlooper vetoing a bill that would have created a new tax financing district rule.  Why did he veto it?  He said it had to do with forcing cities and counties to redirect money.  But the fact the veto came right on the heels of a high dollar fundraiser thrown by two brothers who make lots of money from tifs sure is suspect.  Is that smoke I see? 

A RABBI, AN IMAM, AND A PRIEST WALK INTO A PRESS CONFERENCE And make an announcement asking President Obama to go after ISIS.  I am kidding about the rabbi, there wasn't one there, but I needed it to make the headline work.  The imam plead for help, and I believe him.  However I would ask what he is doing WITHIN his faith to excommunicate ISIS and their ilk.  

THIS WOMAN NEEDS HELP And I don't necessarily mean mental help, I mean emotional help.  Only a woman lonely and sad would fall for a Syrian terrorist.  I would put her in the same category as the women who fall for death row inmates, but she is more dangerous.  What should happen to her? 

CAN TWITTER MAKE YOU CRAZY? It seems to have that effect on some people.  This is weird and strange and now has me feeling a little paranoid.

AURORA AND THE SPRINGS ARE VERY CONSERVATIVE? I knew Colorado Springs was a conservative city, but Aurora?  Did I miss that somehow?  I'm curious how accurate you think this USA Today story is about conservative cities. 

I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS Ken Burns is the man when it comes to documentaries about what makes America great.  And now he's taken on Rocky Mountain Park and I can't wait to see it. 

IS THERE A LINE IN THE SAND FOR POLITICAL ADS? A new (old) attack ad against Gardner on abortion (because THAT is the only thing Democrat women worry about apparently) a child was used as a prop.  It is garnering outrage by Gardner supporters, but children are used as props all the time by BOTH sides in the abortion debate so I'm not sure why this is a thing.  It is pretty lame that this is the only thing Udall has to go after Gardner on, or run on even. Sad indeed. 

PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS EVIL Because not only are they in the business of death, they are also in the business of protecting rapists because police reports are such a "hassle".  At least according to an Arizona investigation into one clinics failure to alert authorities to a child who was raped, which allowed her rapist to continue raping other girls.  Well done.  Well done.