SOS SCOTT GESSLER AT 7:05 TODAY I want to ask him why he's taking Tom Tancredo's lead and bowing out of primary debates.  If you heard the 9am hour yesterday, you know I hate this very, very much.

OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS The media is Sochi is not happy with the accomodations.  Click here to see just how bad it is.  Sochi appears to be dump. 

SOUNDS LIKE PRETTY SERIOUS PHILISOPHICAL DIFFERENCES I have been watching this story develop and simply must discuss it.  Academia takes another hit, this time from the Philosophy Department at CU-Boulder. What is in the coffee at that school anyway.  Seems the response to serious sexual harassment issues in the department was "shutupshutupshutup".  I'm not sure why this story fascinates me so, but I suspect it has to do with the disdain those in some academic circles have for us poor schlubs who are gutting it out in the real world. 

IS SOCIAL MEDIA MAKING US STUPID? Honestly I feel brilliant after reading how a Friend made the most "amazeballs" sandwich in the world.  But there may be new info that says social media like Twitter actually reduces our ability to think analytically.  I completely believe this and I'll explain why right after I google it. 

SO IF TREASURY CONSPIRED AGAINST CONSERVATIVES TOO DOES THAT MAKE IT BIGGER THAN BRIDGEGATE? Of course I know the answer to this question so don't expect to see a whole lot about the Ways and Means Committee Meeting that uncovered emails between Lois "I'll Make a Speech and Then Take the 5th" Lerner and an official at Treasury.  Those emails detail a plan to create rules out of the public eye that could effectively shut down Tea Party groups ahead of the next election.  NOW is this more important than very inconvenient traffic?  No?  Crap.

APPARENTLY YOU CAN BE TOO RICH AND TOO THIN At least that's what the latest Biggest Loser winner is finding out.  First she was fat, then she lost 150 pounds and she's being criticized for losing TOO much weight on a show where people sometimes lose 10 pounds in a week. 

HICK NEEDS TO GO BUT THOSE OTHER GUYS.... I mentioned that I took part in a Quinnipiac poll the other day and the results are out.  At least part of them anyway.  It was a LONG poll and the results released the other day don't even begin to cover all of the questions.  But it seems many Coloradoans don't think Hick deserves another term, but they aren't enamored with any of the GOP candidates.  This is better news for some GOP candidates than others.  I'll explain.

COULD THIS OLYMPICS BE THE BIGGEST DISASTER EVER? Have you heard anything good about the Sochi games?  Me neither.  What I have heard is that corruption has been rampant, the cost overruns are obscene, terrorists are threatening the games and there were not enough pillows to go around.  And apparently all the bad press is having an impact on spectators.  We'll see if things improve, but this looks like a hot mess so far.   

THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY A great example of the cliffhangers being created by the Obamacare subsidies.  If we are going to provide people help in any sort of way, we have to figure out a step down system so they aren't trapped in their current economic situation forever.  

30 AND LIVING WITH YOUR PARENTS? This is a trend I don't understand but think I have a reason why more adult children are living with their folks instead of roommates