SENATOR RAND PAUL ON AT 9:00 TODAY And I'm guessing he has some stuff to say about what's been going on this week.


AT 6:50, LET'S TALK THE CONSTIUTION, SHALL WE? I'll speak with Andy McKean from The Liberty Day Foundation.  They are putting together a cool Q + A with AG Cynthia Coffman and would love your teenager to participate.  Find out more about The Liberty Day Foundation here.  Send your questions for AG Coffman to 


THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE COLORING BOOK There is a Donald Trump coloring book, and it's HUGE and hilarious and I'll talk to the publisher this morning at 7:20.  Buy the coloring book here:



SPEAKING OF TRUMP For all the people calling Trump horrible names for wanting to ban Muslim immigration, there is a precedent.  And it comes from liberal icon Jimmy Carter, who banned Iranian immigration when he was in office.  So you if you want another visionary like JC in office, vote for Trump.  Just saying. 


WILL ANDERSON BRING THE FUNNY FROM DOWN UNDER And this Aussie comedian is making his mark in 'Merica now that's he conquered Australia.  He's at Comedy Works this weekend and in the studio at 8:20.  Buy tickets here.


TRANSPARENCY!  NOT. The new JeffCo School Board is abusing the executive session rules by holding a meeting on...wait for it... sunshine laws, in private.  I hope this is the kind of transparency all you recallers wanted!  Mission. Accomplished.  


THIS STORY SCARES ME.  BADLY. I lived through the first housing crisis in a market that got hit hardest, so when I see things like this, I am worried.


DEAR CHIPOTLE, WHAT THE DEUCE?  Our own homegrown Chipotle chain is back in the bad news, as 80 Boston College students are sickened by what appears to a noro virus at Chipotle.  This after an e coli outbreak closed many stores.  Do they survive?  


TECHNOLOGY FOR KIDS.  MY JURY REMAINS OUT. I am one of those parents who limits my 6 year old's screen time pretty stringently.  We learned from the boys that once you lose them to the screen, it's very tough to get them back.  This article is very interesting to me because it addresses what happened to a group of third graders who got tablets.  And it's not all good news.