JEFFCO SCHOOL SUPER KEN WITT AT 7:04. With everything that happened at the last meeting, I thought it would be nice to have him on to explain exactly what went down.  Also, if you're in JeffCo you need to be aware that the education labor union is taking it's grievances to YOUR children in an effort to brainwash their little minds about what's happening.  Be sure to ask if your child's teachers are wearing black tshirts.  Check this article from the Observer for more info on what's going on.  

I LOVE POLLS LIKE THIS ONE Because I think this one is honest.  A little too honest.  When asked what they simply could NOT live without, more people said sex than their smartphone.  One has to wonder what the gender breakout on this particular question looks like.  It's sad that we would choose a mechanical device over actual human contact.  But then again, mechanical devices don't argue with you.  Hmmm, let me rethink this.  

I CAN SEE THE FUTURE! And it looks just like this.  Here's hoping YOUR kid doesn't need an operation once we have single payer here!  

RAND PAUL IS SUING OBAMA This is why I love this guy.  He thinks the NSA survellaince of American citizens is wrong. Instead of standing on the floor of the Senate whining about it, he's taking action.  This case could be very, very important, and I'm glad he's leading the charge.  

THE FLAP OVER FLAPPY BIRD Have you heard about the app Flappy Bird?  Me neither and apparently we missed something big. So big that the app developer pulled the app from circulation.  It's been a big mystery, with some saying that he was going to be sued by Nintendo for "borrowing" so heavily from Mario Bros.  But the developer has spoken out, and if this is for real, this might be the first time in history that an inventor did this.  Read it here.

PRIVATIZING ROAD CONSTRUCTION: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING People are freaking out about this, and honestly, I don't think it's called for.  There are some issues with the way this contract was worked out, but I can't blame CDOT for trying to figure out a way to get these projects done with no money.  If you don't want to pay, stay on the free lanes.  If you do, do.  This is the way of the future as politicians spend money that could have been spent on roads on other things.  Don't like it?  Change politicians and put in people who make transportation a priority.  For me, this is the money shot:

"You're going to actually see people other than the orange trucks that you're used to seeing out there,” said Ford. “The trucks will be private. The company actually provided a price that showed they could do the maintenance at less than what we typically pay right now to do it ourselves. And the contract is specific that they will be able to do so at a higher level of service than we are able to provide.”

This could actually work in our favor.  

KIDS KILLING THEMSELVES....PLEASE STOP I'm not sure why things to be so bad that kids think suicide is the answer, but it's not.  Ever.  And with two student suicides in Douglas County over the last week it's time to check in with your kids and see what's up.  Please.  

THE SPRINGS IS THINKING OF GETTING ALL UP IN YOUR FRONT PORCH We just went through this in Denver.  The Colorado Springs City Council is now also considering a ban on smoking marijuana on your own front porch.  Seriously?  Can we get out of other people's lives in the name of protecting children from seeing anything that could potentially harm them ever?  Otherwise, to be consistent you'd have to ban cable television in every home. 

CAN THE GOP REBUILD STARTING IN COLORADO? This article actually trumpets some of the stuff I was talking about yesterday, and I agree that the state is ripe for libertarian ideas and pushback against big government.  Can the GOP capitalize?  That remains to be seen.  

THE MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION IN HISTORY...GUFFAW But don't take my word for it, take the word of the latest survey on press freedom.  We dropped 13 slots, from 32nd in the world to 46th.  Do I really need to say more?