SHOULD OUR LOCAL POLS PAY ATTENTION? In New York, where taxes on cigarettes are obscenely high, there is a HUGE black market for smokes.  Cigarette smuggling goes up exponentially when nanny staters raise taxes to crazy levels in order to force people to quit smoking.  But smokers are crafty people, and they will find a way to smoke. Of course there are also enterprising businesses who want to buy on the low end to sell on the high end.  So let's talk about the pot taxes in our fair state.  Why would you spend $250 bucks at a retail pot store when you can get the same thing, tax free, on the black market? 

BUT I'M SURE GIVING OTHER NATIONS MORE CONTROL OVER THE INTERNET WILL END WELL Turkey is a democracy, and an ally.  And the President of Turkey has been trying to kick Twitter out of his country.  Why?  Because his opponents are using it to share news of alleged corruption by him.  This is why we must always fight control on the web by politicians.  Always.  

TODAY'S SUPER AWESOME TIME WASTER WEBSITE! I have no idea why I can't stop looking at this website, but I've already spent a thousand bucks in my head.  Five dollars at a time.  I present to you:

MICROAGGRESSION? HOW ABOUT NOT BEING SUCH A WUSS? CU-Boulder has a new campaign to deal with the idiotic notion of "microaggression".  If you don't know what this crap is, let me explain it to you.  Some students, who happen to be of some sort of minority, have someone say something stupid to them.  The students are offended, or hurt, or something, and even if the person who said the stupid thing didn't mean to be offensive at all, they have committed a microaggression.  I have some things to say about this.  

THIS IS WEIRD AND RANDOM But the plane that crashed in Aurora was full of people from my small town in Florida.  How very sad. 

GUESS WHO'S BACK IN COLORADO POLITICS? Our Northeastern BFF, that's who!  After Democrats have been shouting from the rooftops about the AFP buy here in Colorado, I wonder if they will continue to decry outside money when the Left-Leaning Senate Majority PAC drops a half million into the race here in Colorado.  By the way, the Senate Majority PAC just got a 2.5 million dollar cash infusion from Michael Bloomberg.  When will Mike learn we don't need his help?

BUT BIG MONEY DEMOCRATS DO IT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS Kind of following along with the story above, check this column about the media's obsession with the Koch Brothers and complete disinterest about Democrats dropping big money into races.  It makes a good point.  

WHAT ARE THE IMPACTS OF FRACKING? Just ask Greeley, or better yet, read this editorial from The Gazette.  It pretty much lays out how fracking can work for a community rather than against it.  

WELL THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG You probably didn't pay much attention to what's been going on in France over the last few elections.  Maybe you did know that socialist Francois Hollande has been in charge and has been promising a socialist utopia where the top tax rate on income in 75%.  But did you know that France is showing no growth, unemployment is off the hook and the socialists just got their collective butts kicked in this weekends elections?  Yep.  And remember, elections DO have consequences.  

OMG OMG OMG THIS IS BEYOND AWFUL I almost didn't do this story because it horrified me so, but I think it has value.  Aborted babies are being burned to heat some hospitals in England.  OMG.  That is all.

EVOLUTION OR POLITICAL MANUEVER? And does it matter?  Rep. Cory Gardner told the Denver Post Friday that he could not longer support Personhood, as he has in the past.  Personhood, in this context would apply to every fertilized egg in a woman's womb, and it's failed on the ballot in Colorado more than once.  He says the concept of personhood at conception means that it would be feasible to ban many types of birth control, and that is a bridge too far for him.  This exchange interests me. 

"The fact that it restricts contraception, it was not the right position," Gardner said. "I've learned to listen. I don't get everything right the first time. There are far too many politicians out there who take the wrong position and stick with it and never admit that they should do something different."

 Udall's campaign spokesman, Chris Harris, pointed out that Gardner the last two years co-sponsored the Life Begins at Conception Act, which defines a human being as "a member of the species homo sapiens" at the moment of fertilization. He said it was basically a federal version of the personhood amendment, a position with which Gardner's campaign disagrees.

"Coloradans will see through this cheap election-year stunt," Harris said. "Gardner is showing a profound lack of respect for Colorado voters. Coloradans want a senator who always promotes and protects women's health, not one who simply pretends to during election years."

Two things here.  One, this just occurred to him now?  Two, this argument by abortion advocates keep saying they are protecting women's health, but there's been a slow rumble of new information that is raising red flags about hormonal contraception.  So what happens when we find out oral contraceptives are NOT good for women?