BOB BEAUPREZ IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR He came out of yesterday's four way primary with a win, and so he will face Hickenlooper in the fall.  There is one reason I'm glad Tom Tancredo didn't win, and it's not what you think.  We shall discuss it today.

WOW, THE ECONOMY TOOK A DUMP 1ST QUARTER I'm guessing the White House is longing for the halcyon days when they thought the economy contracted a mere 1% in the first quarter of this year.  Because now we know the economy shrunk 2.9% instead.  How do they blame this on Bush?  

ANOTHER STADIUM BOONDOGGLE I know people love their fancy new stadium for their fancy sports teams, but can we please just have an honest conversation before we break ground?  The new CSU stadium is projected to cost $254 million.  Number one, it will cost more.  Number two, can we please stop pretending that once it's built it will be all kittens and rainbows?  The taxpayers ALWAYS end up getting soaked on these things, which is fine, if the taxpayers agree to stand in the rain.  My frustration is that those who want the stadium are never honest about it.  Just 'fess up and let the voters decide.  

WOULDN'T IT BE COOL IF GOVERNMENT WAS FACED WITH THE SAME SCRUTINY? Insurance companies are putting in for their rate increases for next year, so people are running around screaming "greedy insurance companies! Single Payer!" or some such nonsense.  Let us remember, Obamacare CAPS insurance company profits.  I love this particular part of the article:

“Before any rate increase is approved, these companies ought to prove they are doing everything they can to lower costs — and not by cutting care and raising deductibles, but by cutting waste and helping Coloradans stay healthier,” said Danny Katz, foundation director for CoPIRG. “The Division of Insurance needs to put these plans under a microscope.”

Wouldn't it be cool if we did the same for government?  If they had to prove they had taken all the cost cutting measures necessary before raising taxes?  Yeah, it would be cool.  

SCORE ONE FOR OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT After losing several before now, the oil and gas industry got a win with the defeat of the Loveland fracking moratorium.  I'm wondering if the anti fracktivists view this as an outlier or a sign of things to come.  We'll see. 

HAS JOHN BOEHNER FOUND SOME BALLS? John Boehner is threatening to sue President Obama over some of his Executive Orders.  We don't know which ones yet, but I think this would go a long way to reigning in the power of the Executive branch long term, which is both necessary and needed.  We don't have a king.  And we won't have a king when a Republican gets back in the White House.  We need to check it now.

TAXING A SUN SALUTATION In Washington DC, the City Council needs more money so they are looking for ways to bilk more steal more tax more from the citizens and it's lead to a tax on health clubs and yoga studios.  And the fitness fanatics are PISSED.  What I find hilarious is that they are saying such a tax would be counterproductive because it taxes GOOD behavior.  Um, have you guys ever heard of the income tax?  That's pretty much all it does.

THANKFULLY FROZEN HAS SAVED FUTURE GENERATIONS Did you know that Disney has been under pressure to use it's power to indoctrinate young minds?  I didn't, although it certainly would explain some of the crappy movies they've made in the last few years.  Luckily, the success of the family friendly, fairy tale inspired Frozen has put Disney back where it used to be: making great movies that make tons of money.  This is an interesting article about how media us used to manipulate our kids though.