I DID NOT KILL MYSELF SKIING!  I have to give a huge shout out to Chris Liles, the ski instructor who gave me a great lesson.  I discovered that I really enjoy skiing and will be doing much more of it.  Anyone got some good gear they want to sell cheap?  

I WATCHED THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON After listening to everyone talking about how they ran Jay Leno off prematurely, I will respectfully disagree.  Jimmy Fallon is hysterical.  And he should have Justin Timberlake on every day, they are a great team.  I think NBC is genius for doing this and they may just bring younger eyes back to the late night television.

I WENT TO HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS TOO. I was warned that Hot Sulphur Springs Resort is not "resortlike" and it's not, but it was fabulous.  Once you get passed the super dated and slightly run down appearance, the water is incredible and very restorative.  Next time I'm doing AFTER skiing.  

 WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE THE NSCD WELLS FARGO CUP IS I've done so many charity events where the people who actually benefit from the event are kept far, far away.  This is not one of those events.  I saw NSCS volunteer taking blind skiers down the mountain, helping skiers into contraptions designed to help them enjoy the mountain and a wonderful collegiality the entire weekend.  I loved it and hope I get to go back again!  


 WHAT WE MAKE IS NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX I love stories like this one out of Boulder.  There is some pushback on the move to let people know exactly what businesses the members of the City Council have a stake in.  I go back and forth about this, but ultimately I think where their money is invested IS important, but how much they make from it is none of anyone's business.  Or is it?   

 I WOULDN'T BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WOULD HAVE ME A private social club opened up in the Springs, only this club allowed pot smoking.  They don't sell it, they simply supply a place for people to sit around and smoke and make new friends.  Is this the wave of the future?  I think this is what opponents of Amendment 64 were afraid of when the bill passed.  

LET'S HOPE THE UKRAINE SPRING GOES BETTER THAN THE ARAB ONE DID Kiev is no longer on fire after a week that left over 100 people dead, the President trying to high tail it out of the country in a jet, and Parliament stripping his powers and appointing a new Pro-Western President.  So far, so good for us.  Right now, Putin is wrestling a bear while he plots from his lair on what to do next.  

 BUT THINGS ARE GOING SWELL IN VENEZUELA Not really, I'm lying.  I keep bringing this to your attention because this is what a failed socialist state looks like.  In real time.  In real life.  And President Maduro is blaming...wait for it...the MEDIA for the violent protests.  What are they protesting?  Shortages of everything, runaway inflation and out of control crime.  Your future, happening now in South America.  Check this article for lots of links about the attacks on civilians you aren't seeing on the news.  

MAYBE THEY COULD PUT 5 GRAND IN THE SWEAR JAR TOO This is ridiculous.  The NFL, where men play football, is going to institute a 15 yard penalty if someone uses the N word during the game.  This should be super interesting for the refs, who I guess are going to be tasked with deciding if the N word is okay if a black player uses it and not okay if a white player uses it.  What about hispanic players?  And what about the F word?  Or any other word that could offend someone?  This is just stupid.  

IF YOU ARE A MORON WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT SERVICE PEOPLE This is a great article about worst customers ever (although I have MANY worse stories than these) and how to treat a server like a human being.  I am often amazed at how someone will treat someone who voluntarily has decided to work in a service industry.  I have a feeling those who most need this article won't be bothered to read it.  

ALEC BALDWIN IS SAD Because he got caught up in the PC nonsense he has supported for many years and now he's mad.  He's leaving public life and hates everyone in the media.  I am totally broken up about it.  Sorry, I can't even write that without laughing.  Goodbye, Alec, have a nice life where no one has to hear from you ever again.  The rest of us thank you.

THE INCREDIBILE SHRINKING ARMY The Pentagon is planning on dropping troop levels to the lowest level since BEFORE World War II.  I think this speaks to the changing nature of warfare and the move away from quantity vs. quality of our forces.  One thing no one seems to be hip to is that this should mean more base closures.  Get ready for the political fight of the year over that.  

HOW DO YOU PROTECT SOMEONE'S RELIGIOUS RIGHTS WITHOUT HURTING SOMEONE ELSE? That seems to be the intent behind Arizona's new proposed bill that would allow someone to deny service to a gay person based on religious beliefs.  This is a very difficult question, but one that really has it's roots in the founding of the country.  I think the best way to deal with this is through the power of the marketplace, not the power of the law.  We shall discuss.

SO THAT POT THING IS GOING WELL FOR THE TAX COFFERS Even as Governor Hickenlooper was telling other Governors not to rush to legalize weed, there is good news for the state when it comes to legal weed.  98 million bucks flowed in to the tax coffers the first month pot was sold recreationally.   Right now the Governor says he will spend the money on prevention and keeping pot away from kids.  How long will that last?  My guess?  Five years max.  And I'm being generous.