SO WHAT DOES CDOT SPEND THE MONEY ON? In all of our discussions about the public private partnership for Highway 36, many of you have asked a legit question: where is all the money that was supposed to go for roads from increased registration fees?  Today at 7:04 I'll talk to CDOT spokesperson Amy Ford and get the answer to that question.  


WELL PLAYED, KEN BUCK, WELL PLAYED The silly season is underway and Ken Buck is going directly at the narrative driven by the Left in his last election.  He's got a new video out and it's darn good.  Watch it by clicking here.  


WELL THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG Put on your wayback helmets and go all the way back to yesterday when John Hickenlooper said he wasn't going to sign any strictly partisan bills.  He must have forgotten it because it happened so long ago, because he signed the bill to screw up update the special election laws.


I REJECT THE ENTIRE CONCEPT OF TAX EXPENDITURES The entire concept of "tax expenditures" is predicated on the notion that all money in the economy belongs to the government unless they let us keep it.  That being said, Colorado is trying to find ways to give more people preferential treatment under the tax code.  This ticks me off. 


CHINA IS TAKING IT'S MARBLES AND GOING HOME This should be very concerning for several reasons.  One, China thinks we are a worsening risk, or they are trying to flex their muscles on us via bond selling.  Second, Belgium?  What in the world did we promise the EU to have Belgium come in and buy our debt.  Belgium?  Really?  


DO YOU THINK THE IRS IS TARGETING THE FOLKS AT THE CBO YET? Because they keep issuing these pesky reports that undermine what the White House is selling.  First, they blow the lid off the job losses Obamacare is going to bring, and now they blow the lid off the job losses a minimum wage hike would incur.  Somebody at the CBO is off the Obama Christmas card list.  

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!  OH WAIT, THEY'RE LIBERAL This story would be a HUGE deal if they weren't liberals.  You know why it's not a big story when liberals threaten gun violence?  Nope, I don't know why either.  I can't get upset because I highly doubt this collection of angry libs could actually load and fire a gun without hurting themselves.    

AND THE CITY OF DENVER FINDS NEW WAYS TO SCREW CERTAIN MEMBERS OF THE POPULATION.  I understand wanting to help women and minority owned businesses, and if you want to use YOUR money to do so, knock yourself out.  But the Denver City Council has codified an expansion of discrimination against a large number of people into law.  How?  They expanded the female and minority owned business mandate, which is going to cost taxpayers more.  Check this out:

"The program doesn't set strict quotas but seeks to achieve the goals through a variety of tactics. In some instances, city staff would train minority- or female-owned businesses on how to bid on city contracts. In other instances, those firms would be paired with successful companies, which would act as mentors.

In purchases for goods and services, businesses owned by minorities and women also could win bids when their work wasn't the lowest bid, and they would be paid the higher price."

Not to mention is it patently unfair to exclude white guy owned businesses in the name of diversity. It's also not a damn bit of the cities business what a contractor is doing in the name of "diversity and inclusiveness".

THINKING OF USING YOUR WOOD BURNING STOVE? Well the EPA has other ideas.  Bowing to the needs of environmentalists, who apparently want everyone to be cold, the EPA has reduced the amount of acceptable emissions from wood burning stoves to a number so low 80% of the wood burning stoves sold in the US today don't meet the standard.  Maybe you should think about using a renewable source...oh wait...