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POLIS BLINKED On fracking anyway.  Today I will speak with Republican Representatives Jerry Sonnenberg and Frank McNulty, backers of one competing initiative to see how they feel about this grand compromise.  A compromise which takes the ability of ALL the voters to weigh in on this issue and puts it in the hands of an unelected committee made up of people the Governor will pick.  What sounds better to you? That happens at 7:05.  

CONGRATS TO THE ILLEGALS GETTING DRIVER'S LICENSES But an astute listener named "B" shared with me this fun link.  Apparently (and I'm going on news reports because I wasn't here when the Democrats passed this bill) the big selling point for giving illegals licenses was they would then be able to buy auto insurance.  It was going to make our roads safer, right?  Except this article proves there were ALREADY companies willing to sell insurance to illegals BEFORE the law.  So why did we do it again? 

I HAD THE BEST MEETING AT THE DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Not only as a parent, but just asking questions about the district and it's goals. Here is what I walked away believing: Everyone in that building is focused on two things.  First, students.  Second, parents.  It's that simple.  They want children to have every opportunity to succeed and parents to have every opportunity to make decisions for their OWN child based on what's best for their child.  And the options are damn near mind boggling.  No matter how your kid learns, there is a school for that.  IB, AP, college bound, or more technically minded...they've got an option for your child.  The one thing is also clear, Douglas County is not for lazy parents.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are parents who check their kids into school and pretty much check out, but choosing the right school and making sure your kid is in the right school takes effort.  But isn't that what parents should do?  I also feel confident that any of you have the chance to have a similar meeting, just call and get your questions answered.  You don't have to be a fancy radio person to make that happen.  Lastly, I have a hard time giving any credibility to the Douglas county education labor union when they try to paint the people I met as anti-teacher.  They are BRIMMING with pride about the quality of the educators in that district and they are thrilled to be retaining most of their highly effective and effective teachers.  This is the future of education and if it's not coming to where you are, that's shameful.  And also on you for not demanding a system like this one.  

SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE A CONCEALED CARRY CLASS  this kind of story makes me nuts as a gun owner.  If an unarmed teenager comes to your house to fight with your daughter, don't shoot her.  End of class. 

SHOULD THIS GUY BE CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER? I'm inclined to think so.  It seems this Casanova was posting ads on Craigslist looking for sex since 2008.  Only he found out he had HIV in 2007.  The moral of this story is don't hook up with people on Craigslist, btw.  They aren't always telling the truth.  You're welcome.

A GAY MAN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BY...WAIT FOR IT...A GAY BAR?  Well lookie here at the homophobes at the Denver Wrangler gay bar for non-feminine gay men.  At least that's the only conclusion I can draw from their blatant discrimination against a man in drag.  Isn't funny, not haha funny, but funny when the laws designed to protect from discrimination are applied evenly?  

ANDREA TANTAROS HAS WON ME OVER WITH THIS  Geraldo creeps me out.  I still throw up in my mouth thinking about his near nekkid selfie.  He loves Hamas, and he's been open about how much he thinks Israel is to blame in this situation.  But Tantaros is having no part of it.  She calls Geraldo what he is. 


SPEAKING OF HAMAS A clever blogger came up with an easy peasy chart to help you decide which side you might be on in the Israel-Hamas conflict.  


THE END RESULT OF THE NANNY STATE IS BRUTALITY GREAT column by Scott Rasmussen that gathers up a lot of the excessive force and bad decision making by law enforcement around the country to make a point about how police respond when given the responsibility of managing every single aspect of our lives.  

DAD'S THIS COMMERCIAL IS FOR YOU There has been type of commercial for the last few years that is bound and determined to make dad look like an idiot.  Thank you, Cheerios, for getting what dads are really all about. 

POT KILLS It's true, read this story