HELLO FRIDAY!  You're late.

SHACKING UP MAY NOT SPELL DOOM FOR MARRIAGE A study released this week confirms what some earlier studies have shown after decades of the opposite advice: living with someone before marriage may not mean you're headed for divorce later.  There is a key variable however, and that is your age when you move in together.  Under 23, you're in trouble.  Older than that, no big whoop.  Does this surprise you?  It doesn't surprise me at all. 

THIS EXPLAINS A LOT Rep. Jared Polis was asked how many people in Congress smoke pot.  He said probably some of them did.  And his logic is pretty damn good. 

HE STAYED UP ALL NIGHT FOR NOTHING? Mark Udall participated in that Climatepiece Theatre earlier this week in order to suck up to big time Global Alarmist money bag Tom Steyer.  And now, it may have all been for naught.  Check this from a recent article:

Steyer said Thursday he has not decided whether to spend money in Colorado, where Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is likely to be challenged by GOP Rep. Cory Gardner. Udall was among more than 30 Democratic senators who engaged in a talkathon urging action on climate change this week, but he has largely stayed out of the Keystone fight. Udall voted against budget amendments urging both support and rejection of the pipeline, arguing that they injected politics into a process that should remain at the State Department. 

So he wasted a whole night when he could have been plotting to beat Rep. Cory Gardner. Dang.

SOMEBODY FIND THIS FAMILY SOME COMMON SENSE A little boy is being bullied.  For bringing a My Little Pony backpack to school.  The school has asked that he stop bringing the book bag.  His mommy is fighting back.  This kid is doomed.  Doomed I tell you.  

AND SOME WONDERED WHY I AVOIDED DAY CARE Before The Q was even born Chuck and I had already agreed that day care was not for us.  And stories like this make me very glad we made that decision.  Remember, the first rule of toddler fight club: don't talk about toddler fight club. 

JOHN KERRY MAKES THREATS.  THE WORLD YAWNS. Did you see this bit of political theater coming out DC?  SoS John Kerry told Russia to "reverse course" in Ukraine before Monday...or ELSE.  Or else what?  Sanctions by the US and the EU.  Except the EU gets nearly all it's gas and oil from Russia, so what are they really gonna do?  Is anyone else just embarrassed by this?  

ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETS IN THE CROSSHAIR! I've a new fatwa to announce!  A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa against all you can eat buffets.  Seriously.  He says they violate Islamic law.  Thank god the Baptists don't have such a prohibition because there wouldn't be any place left to eat in the South.  

MY OBSESSION WITH MILLENIALS CONTINUES And this is a great column about how they will end up just like their parents.  And they will, with some technology know-how their parents didn't have.  

BUYING STUFF, BAD.  LIVING LEAN, GOOD!  Time magazine is trying to make you feel better about the crap economy by showing you a study that says buying stuff doesn't buy happiness.  Of course it doesn't.  But having a big screen tv to watch football beats the crap out of watching it on a tablet, don't you agree?  

TODDLER BRAS.  BECAUSE...UH...I'VE GOT NOTHING If I could keep The Q 4 for the rest of her life, I just might do it.  But leave it to Target to try and grow her up early.  What is Target up to?  Toddler bras.  As in bras for little tiny girls with no boobs.  What are these people thinking?  And more importantly, what idiot moms are buying these?  

REMEMBER OUR CONVERSATION ABOUT EQUAL PAY? A big story this week was income inequality in Colorado between the genders, but I maintain there are lots of reasons women make less than men.  Got this email:

Hey Mandy:  I have direct knowledge of two identical positions where the man is making more than the woman.  We were hiring for two analysts - identical job description - multiple openings.  We selected a man and a woman.  We offered her the job at $60k.  She said, "Great, I'll take it."   We offered him the job at $60.  He said, "Uh, nope.  I need at least $62k."  So, we gave him $62k.  That isn't our fault.  He demanded it - she didn't.  As women, we need to step up, be responsible for ourselves - and demand what we're worth.

Interesting, huh?