NOT IN THE SUPER FAN WAY EITHER Be careful on the roads, they are very, very messy today.

SORRY, BUT THIS KID NEEDS TO BE EXPELLED This is a rather straightforward tale being made more complicated by two attorneys who would be better served to mentor this kid rather than try to help her get away with breaking the rules.  I'll explain and you can decide.

SHOULD A FIFTH GRADER IN DETENTION BE REQUIRED TO SCRUB TOILETS? A Maryland mother is apoplectic because her little darling got into a verbal altercation that ended up with him in detention.  She's not mad about the detention, she's mad about what they made him do IN detention.  I say she's overreacting and raising a kid who is going to be a perpetual victim.  

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES SHOVED THE FOREFRONT AT FORT HOOD From the earliest reports out of Fort Hood, the shooter in yesterday's mass killings was a 34 year old combat veteran who was being treated for depression and evaluated for PTSD.  The Army must do better by it's combat vets when it comes to quickly and efficiently getting these guys the help they need.  

THE EPA POISONS PEOPLE TO MAKE A POINT That is the conclusion being drawn by many after it was revealed the EPA did pollution tests on people and did not feel the need to let them know they would be exposed to ridiculously high levels of common pollutants.  Hey, the ends justify the means though, right?  

JIMMY FALLON IS A GENIUS And he welcomed Sarah Palin on his show to have some fun at Obama's expense.  Watch this.

I CAN SPOT A SMART MAN...JUST...LIKE...THAT It's been proven with yet another awesome study that shows how many useless studies are done daily.  But this one has concluded that you can tell how smart a man is just by looking at him.  I've been able to do this for years by looking at a man's wife.

WHALE FOSSIL BEER? You know the craft beer movement is pushing things too hard when they make beer from yeast gathered from a whale fossil. Ew.

THE GM DEBACLE IS WORSE THAN YOU THINK IT IS I've not being paying much attention to the GM non recall situation because I don't own a GM car and don't have any plans to buy one, but this is a big deal.  Considering that Toyota has just been dinged billions for not being forthcoming about their issues, it stands to reason that GM will face similar if not worse.  Of course, since the government has been propping up GM I'm curious to see if they are as harsh with GM.  This column brings some very interesting points to light that I did not know previously.  Check it.

WATCH THIS BECOME A THING NOW A man who hit a child with his car stopped to check on the boy.  What happened next is shameful and will only lead to more people not stopping.