UDALL HATES EFFICIENT, SAFE ENERGY TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Or he so desperately needs the support/money of noted gajillionaire Tom Steyer that he is firmly against the Keystone Pipeline.  This is going to be interesting to watch as pretty much every governmental organization, INCLUDING the Department of Interior AND the State Department have signed off on the pipeline.  Even for global warmers the argument is a moot point, as even without the EPA had to admit that the Canadian Tar Sands will be explored and the energy used, even without the pipeline.  So I guess Democrats are left with: We know better than you.  I guess Senator Udall believes in freedom to be left alone, unless his donors disagree.  

UM, ABOUT THOSE EDIBLES... There could be no connection, but in the last few weeks we had a college exchange student take a fatal header off a balcony, and now we have a husband who shot his wife after raving about the end of the world.  The common thread?  Marijuana edibles.  I'm guessing this part of legal marijuana will be getting a closer look soon.  As well it should.  If there is no connection, then super.  If there is, we need to find out why.  Regardless, I might lay off the edibles if I were you. 

ARMED GUARDS HEAD TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS IN LARIMER COUNTY A program in Larimer county where sheriff's deputies will be patrolling elementary schools kicks off soon.  Parents showed up in droves to get the details, and not many seemed unhappy about it.  Would you feel better about packing your kids off to school if you knew there were an armed and trained person there?  I sure as hell would. 

RED LIGHT CAMERAS ARE A RACKET...AND DPD KNOWS IT. Well they should know it, as they haven't been able to produce any sort of safety analysis that says they work.  How do I know? Read the testimony of Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher about the cameras.  Read it for yourself here.View Document

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW THE NUMBERS COMPARE!  OH WAIT... The Census is conveniently changing the way it does the American Survey. Why is this a big deal?  Because it will make it IMPOSSIBLE to compare apples to apples Census number before and after Obamacare.  Isn't that CONVEEEEEEENIENT.  

POT CHANGES YOUR BRAIN!  I find this study interesting.  Researchers gathered up volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25 and checked their brains after they smoked some pot.  The found some brain changes in two specific regions of the brain.  I put those ages in italics because I said yesterday that the human brain doesn't fully develop until the mid-20's.  It seems to me that this group will have a different brain reaction than older folks.  But this is the first of many studies, I'm sure, so there will always be more.

THE RELIGION OF PEACE! Iran is a Muslim nation that adheres to Sharia law.  It's also a place where a woman killed a doctor she says drugged her and tried to rape her and now she's set for death.  This after evidence was "lost" and the trial was a joke.  But I'm sure Allah will apologize after Iran kills her. 

IS TEXAS A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME FOR DEMS? For a party hanging it's hat on abortion and environmental garbage and illegal immigrants, Texas can't be a good sign.  The vaunted Wendy Davis is losing.  And losing with WOMEN.  And barely winning with Hispanics.  I can't wait to hear how Dems never really wanted Texas anyway.  

HE WATCHED TOO MANY EPISODES OF THE SHIELD I hate it when law enforcement officers get caught breaking the law, and that's what seems to have happened with a Denver Police Detective who got caught with a known prostitute.  He wasn't charged...yet...but he certainly has given himself a black eye.  And it doesn't help that he wasn't cited right away.  It gives the appearance that cops who break the law are treated differently.  We have enough of that with politicians, we don't need it for cops too. 

IT WOULD APPEAR JAMES RICKARDS WAS SPOT ON. You need to read The Death of Money and if you listened to Monday's interview with him, you know he thinks China is in for some trouble.  Seems he might be right as everything in his book is pretty much borne out in this one article.

WHAT AN A HOLE That's all I can say about this idiot in Boston who rushed the finish line yesterday in Boston with a backpack that was subsequently blown up by police.  It may have been an act of performance art.  I wonder if they will let him perform from jail?