IF ASKING YOUR MISTRESS To not bring black people to basketball games is racist, then how about calling a black Supreme Court Justice an Uncle Tom?  And then disparaging Clarence Thomas' qualifications for the bench, which can easily be found in Wikipedia?  Where does that fit in?  How about saying that because Obama came up with Obamacare, and he's black, is why Republicans oppose it?  Both things were said by a sitting US Congressman.  I am waiting for the outrage and demands he step down.  And waiting.  And waiting.  I'll play the soundbites today. 

WHAT?  ANOTHER DEMOCRAT BEHAVING LIKE A GIANT RACIST? This woman is all that's wrong with New Jersey.  As what I am guessing is her husband leaving a voicemail for some other City Council member, Democrat Marie Strumolo Burke decided to weigh in with her opinion on the new tax structure by yelling out, and I quote:

"This is terrible.  This is terrible.  This is gonna be a f***ing n***** town!"

Stay classy, Marie, stay classy.  

HE MAY HAVE DESERVED SOMETHING, BUT WAS IT THIS?  This man was a pretty awful person.  He raped, murdered and stole until his was sentenced to death.  But a botched execution is a botched execution and as those go, this one is pretty bad.  Especially when I see things like this.  This is why I waffle people, this is why I waffle

THIS MUST DRIVE THE DEMS CRAZY After spending lots of dough excoriating the Koch Brothers as the modern day devils trying to run the country through evil, it isn't working.  Most voters don't know who the Koch Brothers are, let alone why they should hate them so.  It's getting so difficult to create a bogeyman who isn't a politician.

THIS IS WHY I DON'T THINK I COULD BE A WHITE HOUSE SPOKESPERSON Although being a White House Spokesperson has always been on my bucket list, yesterday I realized why it's not the job for me.  Jay Carney has to go face the media daily, and yesterday, he earned his money.  Check out this exchange with ABC News' Jon Karl.  It's pretty brutal, yet awesome at the same time. 

BLOWING UP THE NOTION OF "WHITE PRIVILEGE" So this white kid at Princeton, after being told several times to "check your privilege" decided to do just that.  And with an incredibly well written essay, he destroys the notion that because he's white, he's had an easy road.  It's fantastic.  Absolutely fantastic. 

NO MORE CASH WITHDRAWALS AT STRIP CLUBS OR POT SHOPS! But why couldn't they get it done during the Legislative session? A prohibition on allowing Quest EBT card users from using those cards in strip clubs or pot shops was slipped in as an addendum to the budget bill.  Good news, sure, but why couldn't they get this passed as a law during the session? It's common sense.  Don't Dems love common sense? 

I FEEL TERRIBLY FOR THIS FAMILY...BUT I am not a fan of roadside memorials.  I don't understand why a family or loved ones would want to commemorate WHERE a loved one died.  If they died on the operating table would they put on at the hospital?  And now one family who has set up an elaborate roadside memorial is upset the county is going to take it down because it's a potential hazard.  Can someone explain this to me? 

WHO KILLED THE RED LIGHT CAMERA KILL BILL? Peter Blake on Complete Colorado says it was the lobbyists for the camera companies.  I'm inclined to believe him.  

CHINA COMES ON STRONG In the book The Death of Money there is a great history of the rise and fall of China throughout the centuries. China has gone from world power and back again MANY times.  So it is no surprise that China, as it brings a billion people from the dark ages to the modern age, is on the rise.  On the other hand, our economy has reached heights that China has only dreamed of until now already, leaving very little room for growth.  They have 1.2 billion people, we have around 325 million people.  Do the math, it was only a matter of time before they surpassed us.  But that doesn't explain why our economic growth during this "recovery" was a measly .1% in the first quarter.  That's very close to slipping back into recession.  Not good.  Not good at all. 

DIVORCE IS CONTAGIOUS? A new study from Brown University finds that if someone you know gets a divorce, it may spread to other friends or even friends of friends.  I attribute this to the "grass is always greener" attitude.  They say it could be because when someone is unhappy in their relationship it makes you look at your own relationship that much more closely.  

I WONDER HOW MANY OF THEM THINK IT'S FREE? Remember all those folks who signed up for health coverage before the deadline?  Only 67% of them have paid their first month's premiums.  Which means if they don't pay them, they will be kicked off their plans and be uninsured.