OBAMACARE=JOB KILLER That is something that conservatives have been saying for years and now the CBO (the Congressional Budget Office for you non-nerd types) has released it's latest evaluation of the impact Obamacare is going to have on the economy.  It isn't good.  Not at all.  The equivalent of 2.3 million job hours will disappear, but not only because businesses aren't going to hire, but because people will cut their own hours or successes to keep their subsidies.  Once again, Democrats have found a way to give people a reason to maintain their crummy station in life and call it a victory.  You think income inequality is bad now?  Wait until the cliffhangers fall further and further behind their peers who decide to try to move up than keep the meager scraps the government throws their way.  And this pretty much exposes the CBO as racist, because they aren't saying Obamacare is going to be the greatest thing ever.  

OBAMACARE ALREADY KILLED THIS GUY'S JOB A fry cook got to ask Obama a question and buried in his question is a very telling statement that the President glossed over completely.  But I'll play it for you today.  Watch it here.

AN EMAIL ABOUT YESTERDAY'S DISCUSSION I got this email from Ricardo and wanted to share. 

From: Ricardo **** [mailto:*****@****.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2014 9:17 AM
Subject: Latinos and English

Hi Mandy,

 I was waiting on hold earlier but had to drop when I arrived at work.

 I wanted to comment on the issue of so many Latinos living in the U.S., legally or illegally who don't learn English and don't assimilate into American culture.

My dad is from El Salvador, my mother is Colombian, and my older brother and I were born in Honduras.  My dad came to the U.S. in 1963 to get established and the rest of us immigrated in 1964 when I was 3 years old.  LEGALLY!  I remember my Green Card showing the immigration date of September 18, 1964, Port of Entry Los Angeles, CA.

 While there certainly were Hispanics in 1964 Los Angeles, there weren't the large communities and multi-lingual government programs that made it possible to live without learning English like there are today.  In order to "make it" you had to learn English.  It wasn't an option.

 At an early age, even before I started kindergarten at age 5, I realized that I was different than other kids because I spoke Spanish.  I didn't want to be different so I learned English as my father had when he arrived here.  I wanted to be an American.

I firmly believe that if I had been coddled in a culture that didn't require me learn English I would not have been the first person in my family to graduate from college, and I wouldn't be the successful IT professional that I am today.

 You know how they say that ex-smokers are less tolerant of cigarette smoke than those who never smoked?  My parents brought us to the U.S. so that we could have the opportunities that America afforded, that they never had.  Because of this, I have absolutely no tolerance for people who live here and don't try to assimilate, and who depend on affirmative action to get jobs.  Even worse, I have absolutely no sympathy to those who are here illegally and are demanding to have the same rights as natural born and naturalized American citizens.

 As I said before, my family immigrated legally when I was 3 year old, and I became a U.S. Citizen when I turned 18.  Giving illegal aliens a "path to citizenship" is a slap in the face to those of us who did it legally.

 This is kind of a hot topic for me, and I could go on.

 Thank you for your time.  I enjoy listening to your show on my morning commute.

 Best wishes,


This is what American immigrants have been about since the founding of this nation.  Why should now be any different?

AND MR. BROPHY, FTW Tom Tancredo decided in December he isn't going to participate in any debates before the primary.  Now Scott Gessler is doing the same.  Are you flipping kidding me?  Senator Greg Brophy said it best: 

""If you're not willing to get on the stage to debate me and the other guys, how on earth are you going to be prepared to go up against Gov. Hickenlooper?" 

You Are Correct, Sir.  I Find This Arrogant And Cowardly And Annoying.  How About You? 

FORT COLLINS HIGH SCHOOL DOUBLES BACK And thanks to many of you who sent me both the emails your sent and the school's response.  The school's response is very convenient.  They say they shot down "Merica Monday" because it was "too disrespectful" but I don't buy it.  Now they are having America Tuesday, which seems to me to have been available when the adminstrators shot down "Merica Monday" but it took a hew and cry from the public to make it happen.  Here's hoping the blowback made an impression that will last.  

LOOK AT ME, I DRIVE A COAL FIRED CAR AND I GET SPECIAL PARKING! Okay that's not quite what's going on in Boulder (sort of) but they still want to make it illegal to park in front of a charging station if you don't have an electric car.  Because how else would those electric car drivers access their coal fired electricity so they can show everyone else how environmentally sensitive they are?  Except they aren't really.  


IF THEY MAKE CARS COMPLETELY UNAFFORDABLE We will all have to ride stupid public transportation.  And though I think this technology is super cool, it is likely going to add even more bucks the price of a new car.  Pretty soon, only rich people will be able to afford new cars. Then Democrats will use that as a sign that rich people are bad.  STOP THE MADNESS. 

BUT THEN AGAIN, MAYBE IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL How Big Brother is this?  Europeans are going to lose control of their cars.  Because nothing could go wrong with this kind of technology.  This is frightening to me and a little freaky.  Tin foil hat locked in place.  

YOU POOR, POOR DEAR Do you ever read a column on parenting only to shake your head and think to yourself, "this woman needs to get a grip now before her children are completely out of control".  This column is one of those.  But it's got me to thinking about chores.  I think kids not only need them, but they thrive on them.  That's why The Q is going to wax my car as soon as it's warm enough.  

REMEMBER KELO V. NEW LONDON? It the case that truly and completely crapped all over our private property rights in the name of economic development.  Did you ever wonder what happened in New London?  Here is a great overview of what went down and how amazingly, it has failed to materialize.  This is why government shouldn't work in the area of economic development.  

BECAUSE YOU BEING AGGRESSIVE DOESN'T REQUIRE INTENT Before you compliment someone who may be of another race, gender, sexual orientation or religion you should probably be aware of your tendency toward microaggression.  Yes, microaggression.  Because now you can be an ahole without meaning to or even realizing you're doing it.  This is someone looking for tits on an ant.