IT'S LIKE WATCHING A BAD MOVIE WHERE YOU'RE PRETTY SURE YOU KNOW THE ENDING I sure hope there aren't people in the east and south of Ukraine who hold out hope that 'Merica is gonna come save them.  Because we aren't going to.  We all know that.  None of use have the stomach for more war, the Russians are already positioned to kick our asses if we show up there, and the Ukrainian people are screwed.  Unless, of course, they want to return to Mother Russia.  Here is a great blog post by my friend David that really brings into sharp focus why all the blustering and huffing and puffing about how weak are President is is just that.  Huffing and puffing over NOT taking action when none of REALLY want to do anything.  Really. Do you? 

Of course that won't stop all Republicans from lamenting the fact that under this President, there is no doubt our standing as a world leader has been damaged considerably.  And they aren't wrong. 


But just for fun, remember who thought Russia was our number one geopolitical foe?

ROB CORRY WROTE A LETTER About the 420 Rally in Civic Center park.  Read it here and then decide whether or not it was a good idea.


 WHERE ARE THE FEMINISTS WHEN YOU NEED THEM?  This story is so very upsetting to me, and just another indication of how the "religion of peace" has spawned some of the most horrific things in history.  Female genital mutilation is not a doctrine of Islam, and yet, they practice it in the name of Islam. 

REMEMBER QUICK DRAW MC-WRIGHT? Of course I am talking about Rep. Jared Wright, who most recently left his loaded weapon in a committee room at the Capitol.  He's decided not to run again.  Good move, sir, good move. 

DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE OSCARS? Yeah, me neither.  But if you are, you can look here.  If YOU gave the Oscar for best picture, what would it be?  How out of touch are these people?

THE END OF APPLE AS WE KNOW IT? Apple stock has been money for a long time.  But the new guy seems hell bent on throwing profitability out the window for the social good.  That's just fine if you are a privately owned company, but Apple has share holders...a LOT of shareholders...who might not dig this at all.

WILL ENVY BE THE DEATH OF THE AMERICAN DREAM? This is a super interesting column about inciting envy and the unintended consequences of that.  For a country built by people who believed for a long time that is you worked hard you could succeed, this could be deadly.   

SOCIAL MEDIA GONE BAD, PART #5769 So a guy gets a settlement for age discrimination from his former employer which also happens to be a private school his daughter attends.  When she sent out a Facebook update gloating, the school said he broke his confidentiality agreement and they took back the settlement.  A facebook status update cost him $80,000.  

SOCIAL MEDIA GONE BAD, PART #6849 A teenage girl thought it would zexy to send a nekkid selfie to her boyfriend (who I'm sure told her he LOOOOVVEEED HER) and he showed to a friend who then posted it online.  The girl now has nekkid selfies online where old men can gape at them and do obscene things, and the boy got suspended from school.  Girls, what's it gonna take before you stop doing this stuff to yourselves?  

DID YOU TAKE THE QUIZ YET?  This is a civics test that everyone should take.  Lest you think I am perfect, I got three wrong.  I maintain that talk radio listeners are the smartest people in the room, so take this test and when you get your score, click through the "table" link to find out how you did compared to politicians and other Americans.  I almost guarantee you will beat politicians.  Which is both shameful and frightening.