IS RYAN CALL THE HARDEST WORKING MAN IN POLITICS? KDVR's Eli Stokols did a nice profile of the GOP Chairman in the new issue of 5280 magazine.  I'll talk to Eli about it at 8:05.

PROJECT SANCTUARY HELPS VETS WHEN THEY NEED IT MOST And today I'll talk with our friends at Veteran's Passport2Hope and introduce you to Project Sanctuary.  Project Sanctuary helps combat veterans reconnect with their families when they get back.  They are keeping families together and helping soldiers be a part of their communities again.  Find out more here.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON NOW At the Air Force Academy?  A new report gives the impression that the athletic department is out of control.  Gang rape, drug use, lying...they have it all.  Not that any of this on ANY campus would be okay, but I am more disheartened that it is happening at a service academy where I want to believe the best of the best are accepted.  Not only are these young men and women representing the AFA, they are also the future of our military.  Disheartening to say the least.  

THE HEADLINE IS MUCH MORE SALACIOUS THEN IT NEEDS TO BE The man who filmed NYPD officers trying to subdue his friend, who later died, is under arrest himself.  But not for filming the prior arrest.  Seems he was at a hotel known for drugs and was seen passing a weapon to his girlfriend.  But he's under arrest nonetheless.  

IS SUNSHINE EVER NOT  A GOOD THING? Of course when you suffer a bad burn (see the above story for an example) sunshine, or citizens with cameras, doesn't seem like a good idea.  But in THIS case, there can't be enough sunshine for me.  Please vote yes on the Initiative #124 to force all school boards to negotiate collective bargaining agreements in public.  The only way for people to understand where a HUGE chunk of tax money goes is to air it all in public.  

FINDING RACISM It isn't hard to find racism when you look for it everywhere.  Every time someone looks at you for more than whatever time you deem appropriate, you can decide it's because others are racist.  This story from Fort Collins annoys the crap out of me. 

THE SHORT ANSWER IS NO Did Marco Rubio rehab his image by flip flopping on immigration?  Not for me.  I was an early, enthusiastic supporter of Marco Rubio, and I watched him on the stump many times.  And in each of those he emphatically emphasized no amnesty for illegals.  So when he did a complete 180, he lost my trust.  And because I am inherently distrustful of politicians, he is going to have to do a lot more to prove he's not the politically expedient decision maker I know believe him to be.  Disappointing. 

IT'S NOT JUST KIDS COMING OVER THE BORDER ANYMORE According to Rick Perry, who actually seems to have a handle on what's going on at the border, there are significant numbers of people poring over the border from such neato places as Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  I'm sure nothing could go wrong here.  

WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  Solar flare edition.  You know my irrational fear of an EMP, but this is even worse.  Even though the sun has been very quiet as of late, there is always the chance we get pinged by a huge solar flare that could absolutely destroy modern life temporarily.  Read about it here and then start freaking out.

IF NOT PARENTS, TEACHERS OR SCHOOLS, WHO IS TO BLAME? The new mantra out of educators is that they aren't to blame for low test scores and poor academic achievement...the parents are.  Well at least one columnist isn't buying it.  This should be fun to watch for a variety of reasons I'll explain but I have little confidence that the ensuing finger pointing and bickering will do much to actually help students achieve.  

MAJORS GETTING CANNED WHILE DEPLOYED SUCKS I realize that needs change and we have a rather huge Army right now and not as much need as we did a few years ago, but troop reductions to save money need to happen at the same time reductions in the federal workforce are happening too.  Just saying.  Oh, an fyi: a member of Congress who serves a total of 6 years is eligible for just over 17k a year in retirement when they hit 65.  A military man who has served in combat for 5 years gets...nothing. 

PRAYING FOR A DISCOUNT A restaurant in North Carolina gave a discount to a group who bowed their head in prayer before a meal.  Of course some people were frosty and alleged discrimination, but the restaurant responded well by saying they wanted to reward anyone who takes a moment to disconnect from the "busyness" of life.  I like it and support the right of restaurants to give discounts to anyone they wish.