BUT I HOPE YOU'LL FOLLOW ME TO KOA NEWSRADIO On January 4th, find me there at 1pm!  I'll have a blog there too!


SO WHO IS REPLACING ME? It's the worst kept secret ever at this point, but I will talk to this mystery person at 6:30 and we will replay it at 9!


BIG GUEST DAY TODAY Casper Stockholm is running for Congress District 1 and he's bringing Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory in this morning to chat about what they have planned for the District this weekend. That's at 7am.  Find out more about him or buy tickets to the gala by clicking here.


ED GILLESPIE HAS BEEN A PART OF THE GOP FABRIC FOR SOME TIME And I will talk to him today at 9:20.  I have some stuff to ask him.  For real. 


QUICK THOUGHTS ON THE SAN BERNANDINO SHOOTINGS I heard the killers were given a proper Muslim burial.  I thought people who committed terror acts in the name of Allah weren't REALLY Muslims.  So why the proper burial?  Just asking.  And apparently, the shooters broke the law by engaging in a straw purchase with a friend who has now been charged.  But...but...there was a law against that!  Right?  


WHAT AN INSPIRATIONAL DINNER TOPIC Two brothers who founded a 100 million dollar tshirt company credit a question asked at dinner every night for their positive outlook.  It's a great question we should all be asking. 


BEST AND WORST CHRISTMAS SONGS I have mine, and I bet they are different than yours.  Here is a starter list


THE BUDGET DEAL IS A CRAP SANDWICH And everyone knows it, but some are still trying to tell us it isn't


AND THEN THERE IS THIS From Yale.  Yes that Yale.