DO WE NEED A NATIONAL DRESS CODE? I ask that question only slightly sarcastically.  I've seen this story about a school considering a dress code FOR PARENTS who have no idea how to dress when coming into their children's school.  Then there is this.  Are leggings pants?  I think they are pants which require a longer shirt, as they are basically tights that are a wee bit thicker.  But no everyone shares my views, as is witnessed by this horror show of a photo. 

Seriously, we shouldn't have to tell people this is not okay for work.

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN SO SERIOUS So I bring you a few things from the "No Duh" file.  Like this nifty study that I've named "Get Off My Lawn: A Study". 

LAZY?  IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!  MAYBE. This study will give lots of people what they believe to be a viable excuse for sitting on their duffs and not doing anything.  But isn't admitting the problem the first step in solving it?

THIS JUST IN: HOTEL ROOMS ARE PETRI DISHES! If you're travelling soon, you may want to skip this if you are easily grossed out or germ phobic.  I used to be grossed out thinking about this stuff but then I realized people have been lodging at public facilities for centuries and they hardly ever die from it.  Hardly ever. 

I HOPE THEY DON'T HURT THEMSELVES WITH ALL THIS PANDERING Colorado Democrats must be super scared of the upcoming election.  Otherwise they wouldn't be lofting yet another anti-business proposal. This one is the ever popular "living wage/increased minimum wage" nonsense that is designed solely so they can point to rational Republicans and say, "THEY HATE POOOOOORRRRR PEEEEEOOOOPPPLLEEE."  It's so transparent and pathetic.

WELL SHE PROBABLY LEARNED FROM THE BEST A former welfare eligibility worker is charged with committing welfare fraud.  That's all. 

COULD FRACKING FRACTURE THE DEMS? This is a great article by Eli Stokols of KDVR about how Rep. Jared Polis is creating political havoc for Mark Udall and John Hickenlooper by championing the local control amendment that would allow communities to ban fracking.  Read it, it's fun!  

HOW SHOULD WE WELCOME THEM?  The loving folks from the Westboro Baptist Church *turnsheadandspits* are coming to town to protest the graduation at CSU.  Not sure why CSU is the lucky group today, but let's think of some fun ways to welcome them to our great state!

IRONY ALERT!  IRONY ALERT!  This story seems like I must have made it up.  But no, it's true.  An Income Inequality Institute is having Paul Krugman over to speak.  And they are paying him $225,000 to do so.  What's he doing at the CUNY Graduate Center and Luxembourg Income Study Center? From the news story: 

Krugman will be expected to “play a modest role in our public events” and “contribute to the build-up” of a the school’s “inequality initiative.”

The hypocrisy of Paul Krugman knows no bounds.  I wonder how much of his income he donates to charity?  Probably tons, right?  

AND NOW HE'S BEEN CHARGED Six days after getting caught with his pants down with a hooker, Denver PD Detective Michael Ryan has been charged with solicitation and patronizing a prostitute.  Good.  Now let him work it out in the courts.  Next question: Chief White, what's your plan for the good detective? 

EVERY GUN IS ILLEGAL TO MICHAEL BLOOMBERG Mayor Mike has pledged $50 million of his fortune to force his will push gun control all over the country.  He committed quite the gaffe when he said this:

"Thirty-one thousand Americans either get murdered or commit suicide with illegal guns. That's the heavy lift," he said.

Except that 30,000 number is not about illegal guns, it's about all guns.  But it certainly tells how Mr. Bloomberg feels about guns, doesn't it? A fool and his money they say.  If you have a few extra bucks, throw them at the NRA why don't you.  Maybe he should use some money to stop the scourge of prescription drugs, which kill more people every year than guns. 

THEY NEED TO CHANGE THEIR NICKNAME, DON'T YOU THINK? I have no idea what the nickname or mascot of Trinidad State Junior College is, but obviously one llama wanted to make a suggestion.  This sure isn't something you see every day.  

I'M A BIT TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS For some reason, I LOVE the movie Mrs. Doubtfire.  The drive-by fruiting line always makes me laugh.  And now there is going to be a SEQUEL!  I am so happy!