HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW GRAHAM CRACKER AD? It's the latest ad to feature non traditional families, but I think Honey Maid took it one step further.  Will this ad create havoc?  I say yes in some places. 


LET THE GREEN ROLL IN...The first month of pot taxes brought in 2 million bucks.  That's with a paltry 59 retail outlets selling weed, only 20 of which sold for the entire first month.  So without doing any actual production of product or handling any customer service the state rakes in 2 million in protection money.  Isn't that how we should all look at our taxes?  As protection money?  Try and not pay them and see who shows up at your door. 

I HOPE IT DOESN'T HURT WHEN THEIR ROSE COLORED GLASSES GET RIPPED OFF I love young idealism.  I love when young people are passionate.  But when they put their passion towards something with little hope of succeeding it does give me pause.  Some ninth graders are going to put forth a ballot measure to ban plastic bags in Denver.  To save the oceans.  With no regard to the same people who had a cow when the City Council proposed it.  I hope this doesn't turn them off politics forever.

TAKING A STAND FOR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS...ER...CLIMATE CHANGE! Have you heard about the Senate all nighter for Climate Change?  Of all the cockamamie ideas, this one has to right up there.  No wonder people hate congress. 

LOOKIE HERE AT WHO IS TIED IN THE SENATE RACE Rep. Cory Gardner did more then excite Republicans with his entry into the US Senate race, he is already providing a formidable opponent to Senator Mark Udall.  The latest polling has Gardner and Udall in a dead heat.  For an incumbent, that is not good news considering Gardner has been in the race for a hot minute.

FIRST BERNIE GOLDBERG AND NOW SHARYL ATKISSON Two high profile news people have walked away from CBS News because of bias issues.  At what point does CBS News do some navel gazing to determine if there is some credence to these accusations.  JUST KIDDING!  That will never happen because liberals can't see bias or hypocrisy.  As you can see below.

BOB COSTAS DOESN'T UNDERSTAND HOW HE IS HYPOCRITE.  Is he?  Read this and then you can decide.

THIS MAKES ME SO SAD When Chuck and I came here on our honeymoon, we rented a cabin in Divide and went to dinner at the Craftwood Inn in Manitou.  We've been meaning to go back, and now it seems we've missed our chance.  Super bummer.

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE TOLERANT LIBERALS AT RUTGERS SHUNNING CONDELEEZA RICE? I love it when college campuses go back on the very spirit of academic freedom they so fervently protect...as long as you agree with them.  The latest comes from Rutgers, where Condeleeza Rice was chosen to give a commencement address until the liberal faculty put the kibosh on her appearance.  I know what you are thinking, they are obviously angry bitter racists. 

SO OBAMACARE IS GOING WELL IN COLORADO.  NOT. This story about the exchange in Colorado is full of complete disaster.  That is the only way to describe what is happening at Connect for Health Colorado.  Check this out:

The most optimistic projections once predicted that as many as 204,000 Coloradans would have signed up for private health insurance by the end of this month. Mid-level projections called for about 133,000 while about 90,000 people have actually signed up so far. New projections now call for as few as 152,000 people buying through Connect for Health both this year and next.

There is no way to describe this, except to use the word disaster.  And then there is this:

Since Colorado created its own exchange in 2011, managers repeatedly have vowed to be a “lean and mean” organization and bragged that user fees of 1.4 percent were among the lowest in the country. For nearly two years, Fontneau and her finance chief have consistently promised to operate the exchange on a budget of between $21 million and $26 million a year. But Connect for Health has been spending millions of dollars after getting $177 million in federal tax money to launch the exchange. By the beginning of next year, the exchange must be self-sustaining.

And we are paying for it.  All of it.  Because no one is buying it.  

HOLY COW, I AGREE WITH RON PAUL ON CRIMEA But will say it much nicer than he did.  The more we know, the less I want to get involved.  And all this moral posturing is ridiculous.  

IT'S FUNNY WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CAN'T TAKE PEOPLE'S MONEY BY FORCE ANYMORE Michigan went right-to-work last year and the education labor union is feeling the heat.  1,500 people quit right away, and another 8,000 have stopped paying their union dues because they don't have to.  THIS is why unions hate right to work.  No other reason but this.  It erodes their power and gives people the choice to pay or not.  They hate free will.