WE SPENT THE WHOLE SHOW YESTERDAY ON THAT DRUNK DRIVER So we didn't get to a bunch of stuff on the blog yesterday.  But that's not all!

BUT EVERYONE LOVES OBAMACARE, RIGHT? Well maybe not the 2,240 people who have filed complaints about it.  Great story by KDVR about this very thing.

BUT LET'S NOT INVESTIGATE IT, K? Senate Democrats, on a party line vote, killed a bill that would provide an extensive audit of the Colorado exchange.  When you hear the garbage spewed by the Democrats who killed it, you will throw up.  

GO RIGHT AHEAD AND KILL FRACKING And kill a huge part of our economy.  So says a new study from Leeds School of Business.  We're talking billions here.  BILLIONS.  

59% OF AMERICA IS RACIST That is conclusion many on the Left will jump to when they see President Obama's disapproval numbers.  An all time high of 59% disapproval after we all watched him bungle foreign policy issue after foreign policy issue.  Especially Crimea.  

SPEAKING OF WHICH What happens when Russia rolls into the rest of Ukraine?  He's massing troops on the border and generally having a good chuckle about the stupid posturing by the US and the EU.  What next?

COLLEGE PLAYERS UNIONIZING? This is kind of crazy.  I think it's an interesting proposition, but if college football players are "employees" than why aren't they paying taxes on their "income" of a full ride scholarship, room and board?  These players are biting off more than they will want to chew.  

WELL I GUESS IT'S ONE FORM OF GUN CONTROL A California Democrat state Senator who supported and pushed gun control measures has been indicted...for arms trafficking.  Seriously.  I can't make this stuff up.