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REMEMBER THOSE IRS EMAILS? That suddenly disappeared and can NEVER be retrieved?  It seems the IRS contracted with a company who specializes in one key data recovery and email storage.  Until right after people started looking into the IRS, then they canceled the contract.  Here's hoping the House subpoenas these folks.  Now. 

A PROPER RESPONSE TO THE IRS SCANDAL Is sarcasm, and Rep. Steve Stockman is not afraid to go there with his "Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act".  Read the new reasons you can give the IRS for not complying.  I love this.  A lot. 

SEXTING IS NOT THE SAME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS An interesting column about sexting and teenagers, even though it has the standard Salon this-is-about-the-patriarchy spin to it.  Guess what girls, those same boys who want you to send naked pictures of yourself via text think you're a whore if you do it.  And this is the way it's been since the beginning of time.  Don't expect it to change anytime soon.  Is this fair?  Nope.  Is this life?  Yep.  Luckily there is a very simple solution for this.  Don't send naked selfies.  

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN HISTORY ACCORDING TO THE OBAMAS Maybe Michelle Obama and Barack read the same history book.  He with the 57 states, and now her with the assertion that the Founding Fathers weren't born here.  How do you get through Princeton and not know this?  

IT'S BAD LAW, BUT HE'D DO IT AGAIN? I guess the fact that 2nd Amendment supporters aren't buying what Hick was selling to a group of Sheriffs last week meant he needed to pivot back to his base, but now Hick is saying he'd sign the bill he admitted was a bad bill again.  Who can keep up with this kind of leadership?  It's exhausting.

DON'T LIKE THE DATA?  JUST MAKE IT UP! This is an interesting salvo in the war against man made climate change.  Apparently NASA and others have been going back in time and changing the temperatures to make it appear as if the US is getting hotter, when in reality, we haven't been.  Read this whole thing to get the gist, it's super.  And by super I mean not super at all. Here is a link to Steven Goddard's work referenced in this story. 

STRAP ON YOUR TIN FOIL HATS But the investigation into the disappearance of MH370 just got a whole lot more interesting.  This latest stuff doesn't mean the aircraft isn't in the bottom of the ocean, but it certainly does appear that maybe it disappeared on purpose.  Too bad the Malays did such a crap job in the early stages of the investigation.  I still have a bad feeling about this. 

 I HAVE SOME WORDS FOR THIS SOLDIER He's a captain in the Army, but he doesn't think he's a hero.  I will explain how and why he's misguided...but only on some points.  Interesting read though.  

SUGAR IS THE DEVIL...ESPECIALLY FOR KIDS For all the time we spend worrying about how bad pot is for kids, are you worrying about how bad sugar is?  You should, as a new study shows that sugar has a greater impact on the brains of teenagers than adults.  Any parent with a small child can tell you that sugar is a nightmare (my small child included) but it may have long term ramifications on teens as well.  It's time to talk to our kids about sugar.  

WALMART CRACKS BACK ON THE NEW YORK TIMES For a wildly inaccurate column making them out to be the devil.  I love this because they don't take themselves too seriously but absolutely shuts down the argument put forth in Timothy Egan's column.