TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT!  I am super excited about Cocktails and Conversation tonight!  You can still book a table by calling the Louisville Melting Pot at 303-666-7777.  Hope to see you tonight!  


PARENTS AREN'T AS STUPID AS TEENS THINK Remember that adorable teen who sued her parents for not supporting her after she moved out?  She's dropped that suit, but is now back in court.  This time to get a restraining order against her now ex-boyfriend for strangling her during a fight.  Seems her parents were right about him being a scumbag.  Funny how that happens.  

KIDS AND TSHIRTS...A RANT Yesterday we took The Q and a friend the Children's Museum.  The Museum itself was great for two five year olds, but then I saw three boys, who appeared to be about 7 or 8 walking around.  They weren't causing any kind of ruckus, but then I noticed the t-shirt one of the boys had one.  It was a t shirt that touted choice: specifically the choice of about 20 marijuana buds on the back.  I wanted to track down his parents and slap them on principle.  This has been a pet peeve of mine for YEARS.  Not with pot, but with anything that is illegal for a child to participate in or attend.  A 14 year old boy in a strip club shirt infuriates me.  A teenager in a beer shirt makes me nuts.  Am I overreacting?  What is wrong with people?

DON'T WANT TO BE TWEETED ABOUT NEGATIVELY? BE NICE.  A man who was supposed to be flying to Minnesota on Southwest (my favorite airline, btw) was REMOVED from a flight, he says because he tweeted out a complaint about a customer service agent.  I've seen gate agents take a rash of crap from completely irrational and idiotic passengers, but this sounds like it could be plausible.  Is it right to end an unsatisfactory experience with a negative social media threat?  Me? I just do it without warning.  Have we gotten mad with power over social media?  It's always been true that everyone is a critic, only now the whole cyberworld gets to enjoy our criticism. 

CHRIS CRISTIE...PFFFT So Chris Cristie is the chair of the Republican Governor's Association and that means he's supposed to get Republican governors elected.  And THAT means he was in Colorado yesterday to pimp Bob Beauprez.  I remain unimpressed.  For a small government guy (allegedly), he sure loves to use government to tell people how to live.  At least when it comes to pot.  

BUT DID SHE MAKE BACON? That's all I have to say about this story

KERRY TO MOTHER OF DEAD IDF SOLDIER, "HOW'S YOUR DAY?" Read this story and hope and pray that it isn't accurate.  If it is, John Kerry is a bigger moron that I've believed until now, and that REALLY says something because my bar for him was pretty much lying on the ground already.  How's your day? Fine, Secretary, except my son was killed by the people you're sending millions of dollars to.  That's what I would have said. 

THIS WOULD BE SUPER COOL...AND DEMS WOULD DO WELL TO THINK ABOUT THIS As Democrats fawn over the derring-do of their Fearless Leader they would do well to remember that at some point, the fickle American electorate will tire of them and elect someone else.  And will they like it when another evil Republic*nt, as they love to call them, does the same thing?  Patterico makes an excellent point about the logic of one of the Obamacare subsidy cases and how Republicans can use that precedent to their advantage.  

RAND PAUL 2016. This collection of stuff Rand Paul has been up to and how he's challenging the GOP to think big about issues it's not thought about before is interesting.  As an unabashed Rand Paul Fan Girl, of course I want you to read it and consider his positions.  I am salivating at a Warren-Paul matchup.  Salivating. 

SOCIALISM BREEDS DISHONESTY A super cool study designed to test how much people lied came to an interesting conclusion: socialists lie.  And they lie at a much higher rate then their market-based brethren.  I'll break down this thing today.  

DEAR DEBBIE, YOU SHOULD TRY THESE THINGS CALLED "FACTS" Just because she makes it so easy, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is embarrassed on television by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.