IS HILLARY TOO OLD TO RUN? In what could be the opening salvo over the "Hillary Isn't It" campaign, Charlie Cook of the National Journal is wondering that very same thing.  I think Democrats are looking at the landscape on the GOP side and recognizing that Hillary is going to appear very old next to any of the likely candidates.  And just ask John McCain...that ain't good.  I think this is the beginning of the end of the annointment of Hillary.  

IT'S DOUBLED SINCE THE DEMS TOOK OFFICE Food stamps are a hot topic, especially when the perception exists that people who are food stamps are eating better than the rest of us.  And this little nugget from Complete Colorado is not exactly inspiring.  The number of people on food stamps since 2007 has DOUBLED in Colorado.  DOUBLED.  I'm not sure why people still vote Democrat.  They have an absymmal track record when it comes to quality of life under their rule. 

FORCED OUT?  NOT HARDLY. Cindy Stevenson certainly does know how to stir the hornet's nest before she exits.  She has perpetuated the myth that she is being forced out by the  JeffCo School Board while simultaneously negotiating a rather generous golden parachute for herself.  Nicely played, Stevenson, nicely played. 

THE HIGHWAY 36 BILL CONTINUES TO GET ATTENTION And I'm sure that CDOT wished this many people had paid attention during the prior years of getting the project off the ground.  I thought of something this weekend I'd like to share about this deal, even as the haggling about who's fault this all is continues.  By the way, you can read the whole contract here.  Good luck with that. 

NBC SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF Or at least Christin Cooper should be anyway.  After finding out he did, indeed, medal in the men's Super G slalom, Cooper did an interview who's sole purpose was to make Bode Miller cry about his dead brother.  It's simply awful.  Watch it here, but I'll play it later. 

THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT Why would the framers put the seperation of powers in the Constitution with no real means of enforcing it?  That is the argument the GOP is making as they make excuses for taking no action on the obviously illegal actions the President is making?  Of course they have recourse, it's called impeachment, but they only use that for sex scandals apparently.  

THIS IS JUST SAD. But if you needed an excuse to get out more, this should do it.  Don't be lonely.  Maybe the world needs a buddy bench.

SOMETIMES RADIO PEOPLE ARE STUPID And this is a prime example.