I HAVE NOT BEEN DAZZLED BY THE GUVNAH'S LEADERSHIP and I haven't been paying attention to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, but it seems the Denver Post has and they seem to be unimpressed by HIS leadership.  Yesterday's editorial takes the Mayor to task for his weak leadership on the jail scandal.  You want what happened in Ferguson to happen here?  Don't attack the jail scandal and hold people responsible for their actions.  A black mayor and black police chief don't make us immune to people not trusting law enforcement. 

HATS OFF TO JARED POLIS And no, I'm not being sarcastic.  I admire him for standing up and answering questions posed by angry constituents about a variety of issues during a recent town hall.  A LOT of politicians are going to telephone town halls, which may be a useful tool, but not as a replacement for actual town halls.  He took a lot of heat, but took it.  Even if I disagree with his policy stances, I give him credit for facing and listening to the people he represents. 

I BET ISIS IS REALLY SCARED NOW The President says the world is "appalled" by the beheading.  Appalled.  That is the best he could do.  He called ISIS a cancer, and said the US will remain "vigilant" and "relentless" in the face of these attacks.  He also said he was heartbroken from his vacation spot in Martha's Vineyard.  I sure hope they start a new hashtag campaign!  

IS THIS THE CRACKDOWN WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR? The pot black market is alive and well in Colorado.  It's where kids are getting pot, as they aren't getting it from the legal pot shops.  Cops are cracking down, but is it enough?  I doubt it.  

THIS IS THE KIND OF SILLINESS I CAN GET BEHIND Among all the acrimoniousness, politicians in Colorado have decided to have a beer summit of their own...of sorts.  At the Great American Beer Festival, the Colorado House and Senate will compete over who makes the best beer.  Yep.  Beer is bringing people together once again. 

 AND YOU THOUGHT THE SENATE RACE WOULD BE TOUGH The GMO labeling initiative made the ballot here in Colorado.  This is going to bring SO much money into this state from Big Food (yes, there is a thing referred to as Big Food and they are VERY much against GMO labeling) who will aggressively fight this initiative.  I don't want to eat GMOs, but I've come to realize government-based labeling is not the way to go.  Let market pressures work on this one.  

BREAKING THE LAW, BREAKING THE LAW...ALLEGEDLY Campaigning is tough business but three Democrats seem to have made it harder than it is by accepting money from lobbyists for their campaigns.  Whoops.  So what happens now?  And I'm sure it was just an oversight, because it's always just an oversight, right?

WATER RESTRICTIONS FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME Grandmama Pelosi lives in what may be the only area in California NOT living under water restrictions right now, and environmentalists are not happy.  Why are they surprised? 

CAN A NINJA GET A TABLE DANCE? Of course I mean an ancient asian warrior, of course.  This guy gets today's award for the Biggest Pile of Stupid

THESE ARE WORK PERKS I COULD REALLY GET BEHIND! I have never worked for any company that had ridiculously awesome perks.  Sure, delicious Spoonbender coffee is nice, but why can't I get someone to clean my house?