THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS DOWN!  EXCEPT... Much like the national unemployment rate, ours in Colorado is dropping not because tons of people are finding work.  People are giving up.  Not good and not good for our economy in the long run.  I'll explain. 

COMMON CORE IS ABOUT TO GET ALL UP IN HERE The people pushing Common Core in this state are being bought and paid for by the Gates Foundation.  I am floored by how little interest the news media seem to have in this story when PARCC testing is going to cost a fortune and the standards are not as high as the best performing school districts in this state.  Check this really nifty graphic on who is supporting Common Core and how much money they got from the Gates Foundation.  

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SMACKDOWN OF THE OBAMA REGIME That offers a pretty chilling list of things the POTUS has done that he shouldn't have.  Share this with your liberal friends and watch their heads explode.  

COME BUY LAND IN BRECKENRIDGE! OH, EXCEPT THAT LAND. Eminent domain is a necessary evil, but when wielded by the wrong people, it's just plain evil.  What is happening to these people in Breckenridge is shameful and I hope they fight this to the Supreme Court, who desperately need an excuse to undue Kelo vs. New London. 

I'M SUPER SORRY THIS COLLEGE IS FULL OF MORONS That is how I would have started MY apology letter.  A student in Canada sent out an email wishing midterm exams would go away and used one of my favorite gifs of President Obama kicking a door.  An overly sensitive idiot actually filed an official complaint accusing this kid of microaggression.  It's a thing now.  I'll explain and you will probably laugh. 

FINALLY, WE'RE MAD ABOUT THE PROCESS This article from the Times-Call in Longmont does a nice job summing up the opposition from all sides to the Highway 36 deal.  But it seems we are finally drilling down to being upset with the entire process rather than CDOT.  I call this progress.  

THESE PANTS I'M WEARING?  NO, THEY AREN'T MINE Here's a stupid criminal story to brighten your day.  

WELL HICK, YOUR MOVE The Governor, who is desperate for you to forget he signed every peice of partisan legislation over the howling cries of Republicans last year, has announced in Yuma that he will not sign any purely partisan bills this year.  Considering how well any bill introduced by the GOP has done in committee, I can't wait to see if he ticks of his party by actually following through on this.  Pop some popcorn, this should be a humdinger.  

WANT TO SEE OUR FUTURE? Watch what's happening in Venezuela.  It's falling apart as political opposition is seeking to unseat Chavez' successor.  The problem is, the country has been decimated by socialist policies and there is very little the current president can do to undo that without upsetting the entire social structure. Now forces from the government are trying to silence the opposition.  I guess they don't have the IRS to do that for them. 

THIS MAN IS WRONG AND SHOULD GO TO JAIL We are seeing more and more "adult shoots teenager" stories it seems (maybe there aren't more, but I seem to think they are happening more often) and the latest comes from Arkansas where a man killed a 15 year old boy who egged his car.  Egging someone's car may be worthy of community service, but sure as hell not being shot.  

SO WHO IS GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? The latest report about North Korea is out and it's good if you're North Korea.  The UN has been investigating and released the damning 400 page document today.  From the CNN report:

"North Korean leaders employ murder, torture, slavery, sexual violence, mass starvation and other abuses as tools to prop up the state and terrorize "the population into submission," the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights (COI) in North Korea said in its report"

The sad part is, who will do something?  Does anyone even think the US has the moral authority or the will to take on something like North Korea?  Only China really has a chance and they would rather have trade with Kim Jung Un than worry about pesky murder, slavery and sexual violence.