WE'LL PUT YOU ON THE LIST...UNTIL YOU DIE.  This story is awful.  It would appear that the Phoenix office of the Veteran's Administration was so concerned with how their stats look they created a secret waiting list for certain unlucky vets, some of whom died before they could get care.  Why did they do it?  Because they didn't want accurate stats on how long it takes to get an appointment to get them in trouble.  So they let people die instead.  This is what government run healthcare is.  

DO YOU FEEL SORRY FOR THE OPPRESSED PALESTINIANS? You really should read this article from the Jewish newspaper Haaeretz that lays out the history of the Palestinian-Israel peace agreements that never were.  Why weren't they?  The Palestinians keep walking away.  Even when they get everything they want.  Who is the villain here again? 

MAN SAVES THE SALMON POPULATION!  BUT THAT'S BAD. This story on NRO does a fantastic job showing just what environmentalists really want: to limit human behavior.  A massive (successful) experiment is the worst thing ever in their minds because it solves two big problems really well.  But not the way the enviros want them to be solved. 

CLIVEN BUNDY SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FOOT But not before he put the foot into his own mouth.  Have you seen these comments?  I'm not sure why any thinking, rational human being would ever suggest that ANY group of people would be better under slavery.  It's just horrible.  Now any legitimate conversation about government overreach in this case is moot.  We'll see what Mr. Bundy tries to say in his own defense, but I have a feeling he will simply dig the whole deeper.  But was he set up?  At least one columnist is coming to his defense.  

HOLY COW, WATCH THIS 9NEWS STORY Can anyone else think of security implications that might apply with this scam?  All you Apple heads out there should feel awful to use a product that willingly suckers poor people.  Watch this story!

FOLLOWING THE RULES IS GOOD.  EXCEPT WHEN IT ISN'T.  The saga of the hooker skit at CU-Boulder continues, as the chair of the sociology department is stepping down from that position.  This after some in the department were making noises about making changes next year to the chair.  Why?  I'm guessing because she followed the school's policy on sexual harassment.  The problem with that?  The teacher she called on the carpet seems to be more popular than the chair.  

DO THEY THINK ONLY OIL COMPANY EXECS MAKE BIG BUCKS? This story is kind of funny in a "aren't they precious" kind of way.  At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, there is a big discrepancy in pay between the workers and the executives.  Only someone let the cat out of the bag and now the worker bees are SHOCKED and ANGRY to find this out.  Don't kid yourself, you idealistic little minions, it's all about the money.  It's always about the money.

 EVERY SCHOOL NEEDS A MASCOT And the new Barack Obama College Preparatory High School needs one too.  Suggestion?