No?  I'm talking to Michael Brewer of Brewer and Shipley fame this morning about the staying power and resurgence of their counterculture pot anthem.  Ironically, Lawrence Welk heard the "Sweet Jesus" lyric and assumed the song was a new spiritual.  He should have listened more closely.  

THIS WEEKEND WEED GOES OFFICIALLY MAINSTREAM I know that we legalized pot already, but this weekend's 420 celebration might be in for a rude awakening, in that now organizers are under a lot of pressure to work within the legal framework.  I think it might suck for those revelers who are going to head do to Civic Center Park to stick it to the man.  

WELL THIS ISN'T GOOD Much like when someone consumes WAY too much alcohol, it appears that eating too much pot was lethal for a young exchange student.  This story is going to be the beginning of new phase of regulation for marijuana edibles.  Couple with the next story, there is enough anecdotal evidence for people cautious about pot to start demanding some kind of action.  But can we please stop the "pot is harmless" nonsense?  It can have very negative side effects, just like alcohol.  Let's treat it as such. 

EDIBLES + PRESCRIPTION MEDS = BAD, BAD NEWS At least for the man who killed his wife Monday night.  His brother says he may have taken prescription drugs with the edible he bought earlier that day.  The husband, now charged with murder, told his brother he has no recollection of the murder.  This is a terrible, terrible story.  

COMING IN CONTACT...WITH A HIGH The Pueblo police chief is worried about his officers may get an extra benefit from doing marijuana enforcement at cannabis clubs...which don't exist yet...a contact high.  He's worried that if cops walk into a smoky pot-filled room they will walk out like Cheech and Chong.  I think he's a bit worried about something that isn't necessarily even going to happen.  

CONGRATS THE CLINTON AND CHELSEA AND MARK! Regardless of how you may feel about Bill and Hillary's politics, it's exciting for the whole family that there will be a new baby.  Congrats to all! 

THIS STORY IS DISGUSTING And remarkably believable somehow.  We shall wait to see what happens with this story, but it's entirely consistent with stories told by people like Corey Feldman and other child stars.  

YOU WOULD'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT, IF IT WEREN'T FOR THOSE MEDDLING KIDS... I kind of love this study, even if it is a silly waste of money.  Why do babies cry at night?  Because they don't want you to get it on.  Seriously, this is a study. 

DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I EXCORIATE REPUBLICANS Media Matters is a left wing hackery of the highest order, and this story is a bit of a black eye.  They are fighting attempts to unionize staff.  I have nothing to add.

EVERY GUN IS ILLEGAL TO MICHAEL BLOOMBERG Mayor Mike has pledged $50 million of his fortune to force his will push gun control all over the country.  He committed quite the gaffe when he said this:

"Thirty-one thousand Americans either get murdered or commit suicide with illegal guns. That's the heavy lift," he said.

Except that 30,000 number is not about illegal guns, it's about all guns.  But it certainly tells how Mr. Bloomberg feels about guns, doesn't it? A fool and his money they say.  If you have a few extra bucks, throw them at the NRA why don't you.  Maybe he should use some money to stop the scourge of prescription drugs, which kill more people every year than guns. 

WE HAVE WAYS OF MAKING YOU TEST One family in Georgia decided to opt out of the standardized testing for their 3rd grader.  Only in Georgia, you're not allowed to. So cops met the parents at the school to tell them they are "potentially trespassing" because they would not bend the testing regime.  Good news, though, the school has decided to work with the parent in the interest of shutting down bad publicity the children. 

OBAMA = JESUS?  According the the FBI informant, tax dodger Al Sharpton he is.  Just check this out.