THIS WEEKEND'S 420 EVENT WAS...UNEVENTFUL Police issued more citations for public pot smoking this year than last, but overall, everyone seems to be describing the event as mellow.  Which seems appropriate.  

BOULDER SHOULD JUST CHANGE IT'S NAME TO "NIMBYVILLE" This study is HILARIOUS.  The environmental nirvana did a survey to find out what they could do to convince people to get out of their own cars and into alternative transportation.  And the answer?  I can't make it any better than the report itself did: 

"support for alternative transportation efforts is driven not by what would get a person out of their own car, but by the hope those programs get others out of their cars so the roads are less congested for them as they continue to drive."

Seriously, the jokes just write themselves.  Now if the people of Boulder weren't so in love with idea of how living in such a lovely environmentally sound Nirvana makes people think about them, they might actually wake up and start doing things about traffic based on the knowledge that people are going to drive their own cars.  But they won't because....BOULDER!  

MISS AMERICA TO THE RESCUE! A Senior at a Pennsylvania high school was warned before an assembly not to ask Miss America to go to prom with him, but he did it anyway.  He was suspended for doing so.  She has now asked the York school district to wave his punishment.  But this is a great example of the many stupid things kids get suspended for these days.  There's this and this and of course the above.  I'm sure there are other kids who are getting away with all kinds of stuff.  How do you draw the line between something stupid and something suspension worthy?  Have we taken every other option away from our teachers and administrators?  

FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF? Read this article about a frozen yogurt shop in Afghanistan and realize how good you have it. 

AND JUST LIKE THAT, I HATE SOLAR AGAIN I am not against solar because it is annoyingly shoved down our throats.  As a matter of fact, the thing about solar that appeals to me is the cost savings for someone with solar panels on their home or business.  The fact you can then sell back some of your extra power on a super sunny day appeals to me even more.  So I am appalled by new bills that allow the power companies to CHARGE you for the privilege of selling THEM energy.  Seriously.  

THE MICROAGGRESSION: SIMPLY THE FRUITS OF DECADES OF DIVISION? Though this article comes off as a little more angry and bitter than I think necessary, it does make some excellent points about PC college campuses and how badly they are preparing their students for the world we live in.  And I don't think it's going to get better anytime soon.  

THIS IS WHY SOUTH KOREA WANTS KIM JUNG UN And I hate to seem heartless, but look what is still going on 25 years after unification in Germany.  Although if you want to know why tax dollars seem to flow into holes that never get filled, it's because it breeds a kind of dependence.  And dependence stifles innovation, entrepreneurship and everything else that stimulates an economy.  

THIS IS BRILLIANT And if you don't consider yourself highly confident, here's a darn good road map.

WELL ISN'T THAT FUNNY? We are funny here in Denver.  The 8th funniest city in the country according to a new study from CU-Boulder.  What makes this even funnier is that a lot of the time we're making fun of CU-Boulder to be funny.

HE'S A REAL BOY SCOUT.  SO HE CAN'T BE A JUDGE I think we are beginning to see the push back against the Gay Mafia and their tactics of "You must agree with us or lose everything".  Even Chris Hayes of MSNBC non-fame is concerned about the firing of the Mozilla chief.  It remains to be seen if the move by California to exclude judges who have an association with the Boy Scouts is even legal, but California is doing it anyway.  I sure hope I never said anything bad about gay folks.  Or you either.  

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ethanol causes more global warming than gasoline.  WRONG AGAIN, GREENIES.  How many times do they have to be wrong before we stop listening to them?