I AM MOVING TO KOA NEWSRADIO! It is my great privilege to take over the time slot held currently by Mike Rosen as he has decided to dial back his daily show and focus on more specialized contributions to the station.  I will begin my new time slot at 1pm on January 4th, and I hope you will join me there! 


IS TED CRUZ A GIANT BROWN NOSER OR SUPER SMART? Much is being made these days about the way Ted Cruz has declined to criticize The Donald publicly.  It seems however, according the New York Times, that he has made some remarks questioning The Donald's fitness for "The Button".  Cruz has issued a weird release that denied saying it but also sort of resaid it without mentioning Trump.  Strategically, I think Cruz is smart, but it could backfire if he seems unwilling to disagree with Trump.  Your thoughts? 


YOU KNOW WHO DOESN'T WANT WOMEN IN SPECIAL FORCES? The men already in the Special Forces.  A new poll of those men done by Rand Corp shows overwhelmingly and unequivocally, they say no.  And you know what?  I'm inclined to believe that these men are in a pretty good position to judge whether or not this is a good idea. 


EW.  AND BLECH.  AND JUDGMENT. I am about to make a serious judgmental statement and I want you to know that I am okay about being judged on my judginess.  This is bat sh*t insane.  Not a little crazy, not kinda kooky, totally bat sh*t insane.  A man, living not only as a female, but a six year old girl.  Yep.  He's transgender and transager.  There are not words. 


MILLENIALS THINK SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD SO SOMETHING ABOUT ISIS The new Harvard Millenial poll is out and I must say, they are concerned about ISIS.  So much so that they believe that we should put boots on the ground.  Whose boots?  Not THEIR boots.  They won't join if needed.  


COLORADO COLLEGE UPHOLDS SUSPENSION FOR MEAN WORDS Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you.  Unless you post a mean thing on social media, then it can get you suspended from Colorado College.  The college reduced but upheld the ban on the student for writing, and I quote, "They matter, they just aren't hot" in response to a thread full of distasteful comments. 


WE NEED TO DO AWAY WITH PRIVATE PROPERTY! This is the genius idea put forth by nincompoop author Jesse Myerson in The Nation.  His fundamental lack of understanding of the role private property rights hold in securing our freedoms would be stunning, but his blithering idiot take on how private property increases economic disparity demonstrates his idiocy, thus rendering the first point less surprising.  The only reason I link to to it is because you need to understand the thinking of the hard left.  I'm guessing this guy is supporting Bernie Sanders.  


BECAUSE CHICAGO SURE DOESN'T NEED COPS The protesters demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel step down over his mismanagement of a recent police brutality issue are also demanding that Chicago defund the police.  I say give the people what they want!  Good luck, Chicago.  You're going to need it. 


WHY SHOULD ANYONE CARE ABOUT 300 PRESENTS? A mom in England shared a photo of the 300 presents she had purchased for her kids.  And of course the Internet had to weigh in and judge her.  She is unrepentant.  But really, when you put something out on social media, do you expect to have it shared 50,000 times with all manner of stranger weighing in?  You should.