WHAT ARE WE GOING TO BE VOTING ON IN THE FALL? Quite possibly two initiatives will make the ballot, one requiring the labeling of foods with GMO's and one that would require all collective bargaining in school districts to be done in the open.  Two are already on the ballot, one recognizing unborn babies as people and one funding K-12 education through gambling at race tracks.  Do these things all belong in the Colorado Constitution?  I love the initiative process, but I think we should be more selective in making POLICY part of our Founding document.  

PEOPLE AGAINST TORTOISE IPADS? I swear this could only happen in Colorado.  It seems an artist in Aspen had a super idea and decided to put Ipads on the backs of tortoises for...something...and now people are all ticked off and starting a petition.  Why does this make me laugh inside?  

COLLECTING SCALPS OR SOLVING A PROBLEM? CU-Boulder is going after a professor in the philosophy department who has tenure.  Why?  Because of a rather involved report on an alleged sexual assault by a graduate student there.  It's a long story, but the take away is this: the philosophy department just got a scathing review for not being very nice to women and now CU-Boulder is firing a tenured professor who says he's being fired to prove that CU-Boulder is doing something about the problem.  The key here is he SAYS that.  Read it and draw your own conclusions.  And by the way, his students are defending him.  

IF OBAMACARE RULES SO MUCH Why are state governments hiding documents being sought by news media outlets about the programs?  This story from National Review lays out the pattern of obfuscation happening nationwide. 

SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DO THIS Teens are trying to warn parents about texting and driving and parents are ignoring them.  I know how irritating it is to be corrected by your all-knowing teen, but they are right on this one.  Put the phone down and grab the wheel, please. 

RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN! This time in Northern Iraq where ISIS goons are tearing down crosses and chasing out Christians.  Maybe we should just evacuate the Christians and just level the place.  Just a thought.  

PRESBYTERIANS BURN DOWN MOSQUE! Just kidding, that doesn't happen now.  

WISDOM FROM A PARTY BOY Andrew WK is one of those people who I'm not really sure why he's famous and yet he is.  However this post from HotAir is really interesting both for it's original source and how this blogger, who is likely from the other side of the ideological spectrum, responded.  I like both.  Has vitriol jumped the shark?  One can only hope. 

HEY GUESS WHAT?  THE CEASE FIRE IN GAZA IS OVER I know you'll be shocked to hear that Hamas started firing rockets at Israel again after Israel refused to give them everything they wanted while they gave up nothing.  Israel has resumed the pounding of Gaza.  Hamas has refused a plan to disarm to end the blockade.  They get what they deserve. 

CUPCAKES...BRINGING JOY AND SADNESS One school district in Atlanta has banned cupcakes for birthdays and whatnot.  Why?  Not for the usual obesity reasons...because they can make kids with food allergies sad.  Yes.  That's the reason.  

IS THIS RIDICULOUS? I'm all for teaching kids that pot isn't good for their developing brains, but is this going to do it?