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GAY MARRIAGE IN BOULDER? ONLY? FTR I support gay marriage.  But I also support the rule of law and have been very supportive of changing the laws to allow gay people to get married.  However, the Boulder County Clerk has taken it upon herself, Gavin Newsome style, to start issuing gay marriage licenses.  She says a recent decision by a federal appeals court empowers her to do so.  However it does not.  Expect the legal crap storm to begin in 3...2...1...

DEAR WORKERS, PLEASE DON'T POOP IN THE HALLWAY That was the gist of a memo the EPA issued to workers in DENVER who were acting like children doing things like clogging toilets and putting poop in the hallway.  The BEST part of this story?  WE the taxpayers paid for a consultant to come in and tell workers that pooping in the hallway is bad.  Yay Government!  

SPEAKING OF UNSANITARY The POTUS caught some guff on social media yesterday when a picture was widely circulated of him in a Chipotle (which he pronounced "Chipotle's"'s just like GWBush's "nuke-u-lar" to me) reaching OVER the sneeze guard.  Some of the comments were HI-LARious though.  My favorites include this one:

'Clearly the sneeze guard wasn't showing enough leadership. So he had to go around it,' 

Check the offense yourself. I am going to name this SneezeGate. No, thanks to my friend Kathi, it has been renamed Sneezghazi.

LET THE SUNSHINE IN! The best disinfectant is sunshine, and after several attempts at a legislative solution, the Independence Institute is promoting a ballot initiative that would require school boards to make collective bargaining negotiations public.  This would be a fabulous thing for the taxpayers.  Watch the unions begin to freak out if gathers enough signatures to get on the ballot.  

GET A WARRANT That's the word from the Supreme Court when it comes to cops searching your cell phone.  This will change the way some local departments do business.  I am happy this is one ruling for privacy, but with what we know about the NSA snooping, is this just window dressing when it comes to privacy? 

LOIS LERNER DOESN'T LIKE REPUBLICANS How do we know?  In some of the emails that weren't conveniently "lost" there is evidence that she tried to gin up an audit on Chuck Grassley.  That's sitting Senator (R) Chuck Grassley.  Why?  Because she mistakenly got an invitation for him to an event and they offered to pay the way for his wife to attend.  He didn't go to the event, mind you, but Lois Lerner thought the invitation was enough to begin an audit.  But I'm sure she did nothing wrong otherwise.  Nothing.  

IT'S NICE TO WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT! Much like the IRS employees who owed back taxes and yet STILL got their bonuses, in Oregon, if you worked on the Oregon exchange, which never worked, you STILL get a bonus!  I can't imagine why people want a government job.  Even when you fail, you get rewarded!

COULD BOEHNER'S LAWSUIT AGAINST OBAMA ACTUALLY WORK? Although I believe the remedy for overreach from the White House is impeachment, Speaker of the House John Boehner is taking a different approach.  He's suing.  And at least one guy thinks it might work

THE REDSKINS AREN'T THE ONLY OFFENSIVE NAME Check this story from 2012.  A high school ditched the name "Cougars" because it might be offensive to middle aged women.  For reals, this happened.