BIBLE VERSES ARE SO OFFENSIVE! The Air Force Academy is steeped in political correctness and a cadet's Bible verses are apparently the worst thing ever.  I'll talk to Todd Starnes at 6:35 to discuss.

NEED CLAPTRAP IN THE FORM OF STATISTICS? The BSLS has their women-make-less-than-women report out for Colorado.  After they go to great lengths in this article to make you BELIEVE that gender bias is responsible for this, but then at the VERY end they throw this in:

The BLS survey didn't control for variables like the occupations held by each gender or educational attainment. But it does provide a useful comparison of wage differences over time and across states.

And yes, I added the extra S in BSLS on purpose.

WELL IT'S NOT LIKE SHE IS FOOTING THE BILL I've always wanted to go to SXSW (that's South by Southwest for you non-cool types out there) but never had the money or a hookup to get there.  Little did I know that if I worked for government, I could use taxpayer bucks to go there to  What goals?
THE TALE OF TWO BUDGET SURPLUSES Hey kids, we paid more in taxes that the state anticipated to the tune of 1.1 BILLION dollars!  What did our Democratically controlled Legislature decide to do?  Spend it, of course!  
Republican lead Wisconsin has a nearly billion dollar surplus this year.  What did they do with it?  Gave it back to the taxpayers, of course!  
AND THE 420 RALLY GOES ON...WITHOUT POT SMOKE? The organizers of the 
420 Rally have backed down from their contentious opinion that attendees of the rally should be able to spark up legally during the festival.  Will people still smoke in public?  You betcha, but organizers are going to urge them to refrain.  How, exactly, they do that and how loudly they do that remain to be seen.  But good for them for recognizing that you probably shouldn't poke a bear when you need a permit.
DIVORCE MAKES PEOPLE DO DUMB THINGS But this one might take the cake.  A scorned wife in Pennsylvania decided to hack into her estranged husband's email account, steal some naked photos of his new girlfriend and then post them on a Facebook page she created.  But that's not all!  It wasn't enough to humiliate the woman on the world wide web, she then invited the girlfriend's 14 year old son  to be a friend of the Facebook page, where he as greeted with naked pictures of his MOM. This goes a bit far, but should be YET another warning about sending naked pictures of yourself to ANYONE.  EVER.  Just. Don't. Do. It.
IF OBAMACARE IS SO GREAT, WHY DO THEY KEEP CHANGING STUFF? President Obama has been singlehandedly pushing off the most onerous provisions of Obamacare to after the midterm elections and last week, the Administration did away with yet ANOTHER onerous provision, this one with very little fanfare.  The Wall Street Journal noticed though, and posted this editorial. 
PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS, PART #5973 Remember the story Pat did yesterday about the family who called 911 when they were trapped in a bedroom by their 22 pound demon cat?  Wait until you hear the follow up.  It's truly a classic. 
THE 4TH AMENDMENT...MEH...BUT DON'T YOU SPY ON THE SENATE Listening to Diane Feinstein foam at the mouth over the violation of the Constitution she says occurred when the CIA allegedly spied (they deny this, btw) on a Senate Oversight Committee is laughable.  She's been perfectly happy to condone the violation of the Constitution by the NSA and other intelligence organizations as long as it is only the PEOPLE whose rights were violated.  I really have no sympathy or outrage here.  
THIS DOESN'T BODE WELL...OR DOES IT? I always love it when pundits decide that one thing or another is THE thing we should all pay attention to as THE bellweather on some issue.  That is exactly what a special election to replace a deceased Congressman in Florida has been pimped as: the midterm election/Obamacare election.  Well, if it is, the Democrats are in trouble.  The Republicans won.  
THIS HELICOPTER PARENT IS A BIT MUCH IF your kid is going to be an MMA fighter, you probably need to understand they might get hurt.  But one overprotective mom probably embarrassed her son so much his fledgling career may be over before it started.  It's tough for your opponents to fear you when your Mommy gets in the ring to help you.
I NEVER THINK WE NEED A NEW LAW, BUT I KIND OF LIKE THIS ONE Should it be against the law to be annoying?  It might soon be in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I think I kind of love this even though I realize it is ridiculous.