DEAR HOLLYWOOD TYPES, STOP COMPARING YOURSELVES TO THE REST OF US Gwyneth Paltrow is now completely annoying beyond anyone else in the world.  Seriously. After announcing her "conscious uncoupling" (that's divorce to us simpletons out here in the real world), she then had the stones to pontificate that women with office jobs have it easier than actresses because for TWO WHOLE WEEKS at a time, she has to go on set in some godforsaken place called Wis-con-sin in FLYOVER COUNTRY for GOD'S sake.  I just want to point out that most women who work in offices work 50 weeks a year, and just when Gwynnie is heading home for a three month rest after her TWO WEEKS of 14 hour days they are scrambling to figure out how to wring an afternoon off for their kid's play.  Shut. Up. You. Stupid. Cow. 

SPEAKING OF ANNOYING HOLLYWOOD TYPES Bill Maher fits that bill quite often.  With his no wife, no kids, no family yet knows everything about all that attitude, he regularly would tick me off if I watched his show.  But I don't, so I missed this moment in time which is actually very astute.  It goes right to the heart of the view most liberals have of most conservatives.  And it was well done.  And caught his liberal guests flat footed.

ONE LAST HOLLYWOOD NOTE Noah opened over the weekend and had a pretty decent showing, but don't expect it to be a Biblical movie.  BTW, expect a bunch of allegedly Bible themed movies to sprout up done by people who don't believe in God, they will flop, and then Hollywood will decide The Passion of the Christ and it's $604 million take is a fluke and go back to ignoring Christians again.  They really, really don't get it. 

SHOULD WE START A BEER PARTY? The Tea Party geared up when people decided government was too big and taxes were too high.  It seems the craft beer movement is getting hip to the movement now, as they lobby against tax increases and are even arguing for a cut in taxes based on a job creation. If Republican candidates don't jump on this as an example of why lower taxes are better, they don't deserve to win.  I do find it interesting that immediately the craft beer industry is lobbying for crony capitalism rather than a reduction in taxes all over the place with less government to boot.  

DRIVING WHILE COLORADOAN? A 70 year old man gets pulled over with Colorado plates in Idaho.  He is hassled extensively while the officer kept asking him where his pot was.  Has this happened to anyone else yet?

SHOULD JEFFCO RESIDENTS WAIT FOR THANK YOU CARDS FROM NEW JERSEY? The new flood plain maps have a lot of people upset, as they require more flood insurance with higher premiums.  The dirty little secret in this article comes in one paragraph late in the story:

Complicating matters, Dougherty said the National Flood Insurance Program is raising premiums everywhere to cope with a $24 billion shortfall after claims from hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

That's right, Jeffco, you are helping pick up the tab for storms that have nothing to do with you or your current situation!  Yay, Government! 

ARE THERE ANY DOCTOR'S OUT THERE WHO GRADUATED WITHOUT STUDENT DEBT?  This story in the Post is one of those designed to make us all go "awwwww" when we hear about the burden of student debt.  But the first two people profiled in this story are a lawyer and a doctor.  Who in either of these fields graduated debt free?  Unless they were in the military?  I'm already sick of the sob stories about how much debt students are taking on when the story should be the lack of good jobs for college graduates because of a stagnant economy.  

BREAK THE LAW A FEW TIMES, PLEASE! It's bad enough we have an Administration which does not seem particularly interested in enforcing immigration law, but you think they would be able to at least deport the illegals who break the law AGAIN when here, but alas, no.  Breitbart has an interesting report on who got to stay after they were busted.  And it's a lot. 

THE BATTLE FOR YOUR BREAKFAST DOLLAR CONTINUES I love fast food breakfast.  I am far more likely to eat at fast food joint for breakfast than any other meal of the day, and now Taco Bell and Mickey D's are squaring off.  What makes the perfect fast food breakfast?  

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT IN FRANCE AS A SOCIALIST, WHERE CAN YOU? The socialists took it on the chin in Sunday's elections all over France, as voters get tired of empty promises, high unemployment and a stagnant economy.  We should all hope we do as well as France did in trying to right the ship.

SOCIAL MEDIA WARNING #58956748 If you are on probation, don't point out on Facebook that you violated it AND got away with it.