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I THINK HATE CRIME LAWS ARE STUPID If someone is beaten or killed because he is black, or a Jew, or gay, he is no more beaten or killed than anyone else beaten or killed in a robbery or a random attack.  But the real reason I hate them is this story from Mississippi.  A white man is beaten senseless by a crowd of black people who warned the white men that a Waffle House "wasn't safe for white people after Ferguson".  And the police chief says it's not a hate crime.  The problem with hate crimes is they are purely subjective.  They need to repeal them all now.

SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL FOR THIS. PERIOD. If you've not heard of "swatting" it goes like this. Someone calls the cops and says a crime has been committed at such and such address, usually a murder and perhaps a hostage situation.  The SWAT team comes rushing in to find people sitting on their couches, or in this case, playing video games.  It happened here yesterday and whoever did it needs to go to jail.  For a while.  Someone could have been killed.  And it's not the first time it's happened here.  

TWO STORIES ABOUT WHY FOLKS THINK COPS GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING The first concerns the officer who seems to have helped a fellow officer get away with murder by excluding some damning evidence from his initial report.  He will not be charged with a crime.  If I covered up evidence of a crime, would I be charged?  Just asking.

EVEN WHEN THEY DO SOMETHING WRONG It takes forever and a year for any discipline to be handed down.  This according to a new investigation of disciplinary procedures as part of the jail investigation.  Imagine screwing up letting an inmate walk out the door screwing up...and then not getting your punishment for OVER A YEAR.  By the way you can let an inmate go and still keep your job at the Denver Jail.  Awesome. 

BUT HERE'S WHERE BODY CAMERAS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE A suit has been filed by a woman who says she was roughed up during a domestic call.  A body camera could have put this whole thing to bed rather quickly. 

THE SPRINGS MAY JUST MAKE LEGAL POT SUPER EXPENSIVE Colorado Springs is considering a huge special tax on pot, if they even welcome it at all.  I know that pot is not popular in a more conservative area like the Springs, but let's be real here.  People are smoking pot in the Springs.  They are simply buying it illegally, and that certainly won't change if the taxes are so high it doubles the price from what they can get from "their guy". This is the same strategy that is going to keep a flourishing black market flourishing for some time.   

HOW NOT TO VENT YOUR SPLEEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA A preschooler was expelled from preschool because his mother posted a negative comment about the school on her facebook page.  This is what cracks me up about this story:

The post read, “Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will’s school? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.”

Habat seemed unaware that the school would be able to see it, even though she tagged the academy in the post.


“They couldn’t see it, it was private to my friends only,” Habat said.

Then why did you tag the school, moron? Do people not understand how the internet works?  Or are they really just that ignorant.  The school, ftw.

THIS COLUMN MAKES ME SAD Because if chivalry is truly dead we are in a place in society I'm not sure I want to be.  But chivalry is dangerous.