Last Friday a 911 Truther called into the program.  I made an exception and took his call.  Like all other 911 Truthers he could not have a rational conversation.  That caller is why I will not discuss 911 Truthers on-air.  This photograph was taken by a friend of mine the night after the attacks.  The next day I was at the Pentagon and in the hole.
While there is no rational discussion to be had with these truthers, for those of you interested, I offer the following links to stories debunking the various myths about WTC 7 and other truther conspiracies.
Please don’t be fooled by all the conspiracy nuts that use half-truths to suck small-thinking people into these conspiracy theories.
And yes, I understand there are others that try to debunk even these scientific studies.  So the bottom line is, do you truly believe that a government that can’t keep the Pentagon Papers secret, can’t build a website just to sell insurance, that has to destroy hard drives to hide IRS emails and even that is eventually discovered, could keep a massive conspiracy as you think exists really secret for more than 10 years now?