Anti-vax = child abuse


The story may be apocryphal, but I was told that the best predictor of high rates of non-vaccinated children in a given area is whether there's a Whole Foods in that neighborhood.

After so many years of the left continuously badgering conservatives about being "anti-science," by far the most dangerous abandonment of science on even a modest scale is "organic"-minded liberals refusing to get their kids vaccinated.

I've said it repeatedly on the show: refusing to vaccinate is child abuse. 

I guess there's one difference: I probably wouldn't support a law requiring vaccination. I would, however, support barring unvaccinated children from public schools. An exception for those who don't vaccinate based on deeply-held religious views? Maybe. But I think that would attract a lot of liars who use that exception when really their views are faux-principled rather than religious. 

The latest example of this liberal folly is a measles outbreak in uber-liberal Portland, Oregon:

Based on the latest data for kindergarteners, Colorado has THE LOWEST vaccination rate of any state in the country. The only place that's lower is Washington, DC which, as you know, is chock-full of liberals. 

Data here:

Colorado is a highly educated state. Some of the states with the highest vaccination rates are at the opposite end of the education spectrum, such as Mississippi and Alabama. The difference? Folks in those states follow their pediatricians' advice whereas Boulderites and other forms of liberal believe they're smarter than the doctors. 

They also believe the OUTRIGHT LIES told about vaccines overall and about receiving multiple vaccines simultaneously. They also believe that "big Pharma" is probably out to hurt them, or at least is willing to hurt them to make a buck. 

It's not just in the US. In Britain, for example, there's a similar phenomenon among the anti-science left:

But wherever it happens, parents who don't vaccinate their children, at least for any reason other than deeply held (albeit in this aspect misguided) religious beliefs, are committing a form of child abuse.


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