CO Gov Jared Polis on oil/gas, Red Flag, the constitution, and sock/shoe

I don't normally add personal notes to the interview blogs, but a couple of quick things:

1) I'm grateful to Jared for taking the time to talk with my KHOW audience. Not many hosts get 20 minutes with a governor. Especially hosts whom the governor knows disagree with him on many policy positions. I've known Jared for a long time and he's quite good at answering (or not answering) even fairly difficult questions, though I nearly stumped him with "sock shoe".

2) I thought his "bizarre echo chamber" comment was unfortunate and false. If there is any talk show in the state that tries hard to make sure that listeners get to hear a wide range of viewpoints, including from many elected Democrats who return to the show because I treat them politely even in disagreement, it's this show.

3) I think Jared's viewpoint that it's really for judges to decide whether a bill/law is constitutional is wrong, is a dereliction of duty to the oath of office, and is widely held among politicians of both major political parties.

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