How you can help repeal National Popular Vote in Colorado

UPDATE: The promised match of $4000 is complete! $1000 from me, $2000 from Steve Schuck, and $1000 from another friend.

Here is the link to contribute to the "Coloradans Vote" effort to repeal National Popular Vote in Colorado:

(Redirects to More info about the campaign is at

If you understand the issue and the story behind Colorado and the National Popular Vote, please skip down to the row of asterisks below and continue there. If you're interested in some introductory information just keep reading right here.

Democrats have a particular theme these days: Change the rules that keep them from winning. They want to pack the Supreme Court, which has had 9 members and worked well for about 150 years. They want to lower the voting age to 16 so that even more ignorant people can support their never-ending desire to spend other people's money. They want to let illegal aliens vote. And perhaps the biggest change of all that they're pushing for is the end of the Electoral College.

Some won't say it outright so instead they have devised an arguably unconstitutional National Popular Vote Compact by which the winner of the most votes nationwide will receive the Electoral votes of the states in the Compact even if that candidate did not win those states. (The Compact only comes into force when enough states have joined that at least 270 Electoral votes, the number needed to determine the presidency, are represented within the Compact.) You can learn more about the importance of our current system in the second video below.

Take a look at the map in the first video below and you'll see that Colorado is the only "swing state" to have joined, and no Republican states have joined. All but Colorado are deep blue states with very little chance of voting Republican anytime soon or in a typical election. NPV is a cynical ill-conceived plan by Democrats who don't understand the simple truth explained by President Trump: if the game were to win popular votes then candidates would campaign differently, such as Republicans campaigning more in CA and NY, and it's more conceivable than the Dems think that a Republican can win the popular vote. Don't forget, which Donald Trump lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton, that's because Clinton carried California by well over 4 million votes. Trump won the popular vote in the rest of the country.

Again, the link to contribute to defeat NPV in Colorado: and for more information about the effort and where to sign petitions, check here:

Here's the (slightly edited) text of an email I sent to a Democratic legislator in Colorado recently (after NPV had already been passed and signed into law by Governor Polis):

Btw, my problem with NPV versus other bills I really dislike (FAMLI, SB181, ERPO) is that whereas the latter fall one way or another within true Democratic viewpoints and Dems can argue that they offer benefits to citizens of Colorado, NPV is 100% loss for the state and it’s truly un-American in a fundamental way. The other bills are “Democrats being Democrats”…NPV is cynical short-term thinking, against a system the Founders set up for VERY good reason and – in terms of pure politics – Colorado is a place where it’s reasonably likely that the state goes blue even if a Republican wins the national popular vote. Can you imagine being the Dems having to explain why a Dem won their state and a Republican gets our Electoral votes? That’s more likely than the other way around in this state at this point in time, I think. If the Compact goes into effect, there’s very little point in Colorado even having a presidential election. Anyway, I realize it’s too late and it was probably pointless to even write this…I’m just hoping that you’ll understand when you see how hard I will continue to fight against it. NPV is the most unprincipled piece of legislation I’ve ever seen from this legislature. And I think you know that means a lot to me.


Fortunately, some people -- starting with Monument Mayor Don Wilson and Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese (fellow LPR grad!) -- are spearheading an effort to repeal this monstrous piece of legislation. They are raising money for the signature gathering effort and I want to encourage all of you to support this effort. To that end I have arranged a special link for my listeners to contribute and I have ensured that other than the unavoidable small credit card processing fee, 100% of the money contributed through this link will go to the effort. No commissions or fees taken by any consultants or anyone else. Note that while the link has my URL in it, it is nothing more than a redirect to a more complicated link (which I'll also note below, though both go to the same place.) Also note that Coloradans Vote is the ONLY legal/official campaign to repeal NPV in Colorado. Don't be fooled by others trying to raise money for a different effort. (Jon Caldara's FreedomFy is legit...contributions through there are going to this same effort.)

MATCHING: Some friends and I, including the well known Colorado supporter of freedom and clear thinking, Steve Schuck, will offer a 1/3 50% match on the first $8,000 contributed by my listeners. In other words, for every dollar contributed through either link below (again, they go to the same place), the campaign will receive $1.33 $1.50, so that for the first $8K contributed the campaign will receive $12K. So my money is where my mouth is on this...I personally will contribute up to $1,000 through this matching program.

Here is the link to contribute to the "Coloradans Vote" effort to repeal National Popular Vote in Colorado:

You should see that redirect to:

I appreciate all your help as we work together to undo this un-American cynicism foisted upon an unwilling state by hyperpartisan Democrats. Again, for more information about the effort and where to sign petitions, check here:

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