Art Professor Says Removing Offensive Mural Isn’t ‘Racial Justice’

In today's polarized political atmosphere where it seems like so many people simply aren't listening to others who disagree with them, much less talking with them, I was fascinated to read about highly successful (Black) artist and Temple University professor Karyn Olivier pushing back against a move by the University of Kentucky to remove a 1930s mural which depicts slaves as well as a tomahawk-wielding Native American about to attack a white woman. Karyn's commitment to dialogue -- including through art -- is something that we as a nation, including people on all sides of the very sensitive cultural issues much in recent news, need a lot more of.

Karyn Olivier Sculpture and Associate Professor at The Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Karyn's op-ed: Removing an offensive mural from the University of Kentucky isn’t ‘racial justice’

Students’ Calls to Remove a Mural Were Answered. Now Comes a Lawsuit.

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