Ben's note: I'll be fine, but will Biden voters?


One of my friends lamented that "average Americans" lost last night, this was my response. I am honestly out of ****s to give for people who vote for disastrous policy:

Damn straight average Americans lost. And I am teetering on the verge of not giving a darn - let them have what they voted for. 

If they ban fracking and I have to pay $4/gallon for gas and my utility bills go up 33%, I will survive. When they raise property taxes because Coloradoans repealed Gallagher, I will be fine. When they shut down the schools and we need to teach the kids at home or hire some help, I will be fine. When the smorgasboard of "affordable housing" mandates restricts supply and causes rents to rise, I will be fine. When excessive environmental regulation and downzoning makes housing more expensive, I will be fine. When it keeps getting harder to have employees that jobs are replaced by tech, I will be fine. When inflation forces developed countries to finally start raising interest rates, I will be fine. When the homeless and Antifa make giant swatches of our cities unlivable, I will be fine. When taxes are raised on every bracket and the standard deduction is slashed when they repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, I will be fine.  

But how will the average Biden voter fare when all these policies are unleashed upon him? I kind of want to just say screw 'em.




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