Denise Huskins & Aaron Quinn were victimized by criminals and then by govt

Rarely has a book made me as sad and angry as "Victim F". Imagine being kidnapped, drugged and raped only to have both local police and the FBI refuse to investigate and publicly claim that it was a hoax.

This is what happened to Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn and it was only due to the dogged effort of a police officer from a different police department who was investigating a different crime that ended up solving (most of) what happened to Denise and Aaron.

"Victim F" is a must-read, and reminds us all that we need to hold our law enforcement agencies to the highest standards. Vallejo, CA, is clearly still not doing that and the FBI is right there with them as long as the special agent you'll read about in this book still has his job.

Photo: Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn

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